Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: The Men of Reign

So, this may be a little strange, but I have always been obsessed with Scottish and British History, especially the Tudor era. When I was a teenager, I used to read history books, internet articles, and especially Historical Romance, getting lost in these times. Bertrice Small was one of my all-time favorite authors because she included so much history in her books and many of her books featured Queen Elizabeth the first, one of my favorite subjects. I also adored reading about her cousin, Mary, although her life was so sad compared to Elizabeth’s it broke my heart.

That’s why when Reign first debuted, I was excited. Despite the historical inaccuracies, it is a fun, romantic show filled with intrigue, supernatural elements, and of course, sexy men. reign poster

This week, I’m going to talk about two of my favorite hotties, both of whom vied for Mary’s love at different times and lost, but I will forever think about “what could have been…” coulda had it all

The first is Bash, Frances’s illegitimate brother. In the first season, Bash was in love with Mary and came off as the carefree bad boy with a heart of gold. awww I adored Bash (still do) and my heart broke when Mary chose Frances.large#TeamBash TeamBash

The second is Conde, Frances’s cousin, who came to court at his brother, the King of Navarre’s request, but stayed because he fell in love with Mary and wanted to be close to her. letterHe was Mary’s friend and ally, and helped her through a traumatic time. i love you (1)* Yes, I get it, she was married to Frances, it was wrong, blah blah, I still loved Conde and hated the way his story played out. #BringBackConde bring him back

At times during this show, I wish it wasn’t a fictional portrayal of history, and just a fictional cast of characters so the writers could let Mary’s heart go in other directions. Next season, Mary will head to Scotland and we will be introduced to Darnley and Bothwell, so I know that eventually I will have to say goodbye to Bash the way I did Conde… ugly cry

But not yet! If you haven’t watched this show, let me tell you why these two men are worth streaming it for…


  • Bash is a loyal brother, no matter what. why riskbrother
  • Bash’s eyes and smile are enough to make any girl lose her head. bash-1sexy (1)
  • Bash is a really good guy who is protective to a fault. come for you
  • When Bash is cheeky, prepare for panty explosions. youre-cheeky



  • Conde is kind and understanding, and there for Mary when Frances wasn’t. any mandont touch
  • Conde’s rich dark eyes and white smile make you want to bask in his joy, since it doesn’t happen often. smile conde
  • Conde was willing to give up everything for Mary, even his life. punch (1)I did it for you
  • Even after she betrayed him, he still loved her. togetherwalk awayheartbreak


If you’re looking for something fun to stream this week, Reign is available on Netflix, and newer episodes can be enjoyed on Hulu. And once you’re done, have no fear, Reign will be back next year! (And I’ll be praying for more Bash!) pray

 What is your favorite period drama on TV?

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