Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: Swoon With Friends!

Another week, and I’ve got three times the heroes for you! USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax, Award Winning author T.J. Kline, and Rita Award Nominee Asa Maria Bradley are joining me this week to share some of their favorite heroes and why they’re the swooniest.

First up is my Nashville loving friend, Asa Maria Bradley. Asa’s debut novel, Viking Warrior Rising, is up for not one but TWO Rita Awards: Best First Book and Best Paranormal Romance. Viking Warrior Rising Asa Maria Bradley When I asked her what book in the last year had held an extremely Swoon-Worthy Hero, she had this to say:

“I read Rebecca Zanetti’s Mercury Striking a few months ago and fell in lust with the hero, Jax Mercury, as soon as he stepped on the page. This book launches a new series, and although Jax won’t be the romantic lead in the other novels–he gets his girl in this one—I already know I’ll be buying ALL the books just so I can spend some more time with my Jax.”

tell me more

The book blurb:

Scorpius bacteria have run rampant through the world’s population. The infrastructure of modern society is in ruins and small enclaves of uninfected people struggle to find basic necessities like water and medicine. All communications are down and nobody knows what the hell is going on across town, never mind in other states. On top of this, they also have to battle those who were infected by the bacteria but didn’t die. There are two types of Scorpius survivors: zombie-like confused and demented hyper aggressive killers, and methodical hyper intelligent psychopathic killers that pass for regular people.

In this completely chaotic environment, the former head of the CDC, Lynn Harmony, crosses the US to find Jax Mercury. He’s a legendary soldier and leader. She’s convinced he’s her only hope of protection and survival as she searches for a rumored laboratory where the researches were close to finding a cure for Scorpius before the world collapsed.

Slight complications:

  • Lynn is patient zero of Scorpius, which is one of the reasons the military government now in power wants to find her and control her, and why uninfected people don’t want her around.
  • Jax doesn’t trust anybody—not even himself—so convincing him to risk himself and his people by hiding Lynn among them is going to be a very hard sell.


But Asa, what is it about Jax that makes him soooo Swoon-Worthy?

  • Jax is a very strong alpha leader who is loyal to those he feels responsible for to a fault.
  • He has a caring core that he tries desperately to hide as he becomes emotionally attached to the people who have chosen him as a leader.  (He thinks he can’t be an effective protector if he cares about those around him.)
  • He oozes sensuality and hotness and sexiness. 🙂


Next up is my PUN-tastic buddy, Cynthia Sax, who writes SciFi and Contemporary Erotic romance. A USA Today bestseller of nearly eighty novels and novellas, she is a Nutella enthusiast and keeps her true identity a secret…like Batman.


Here next sexy release, Defying Death, comes out May 17th and is the fourth in her Cyborg Sizzle series. Defying Death by Cynthia Sax

Give it up for Cynthia!



Boy, oh, boy, this is difficult. I’m narrowing this down to most Swoon-Worthy CYBORG Hero. That’s Avion from Eve Langlais’ Avion.

Official Blurb:

Being a cyborg was so much better when all his parts worked. Avion’s nanotechnology stopped functioning after some experimentation done on him by the military. They broke him and now, Avion is no better than a human, even more annoying, he’s dying.

But at least he completed his final mission. He saved, One.

Mysterious and alluring, Avion isn’t the only person who wonders what surprises this woman hides. The human military and their alien allies fear what she’s capable of and will stop at nothing to destroy her. However, the one thing they didn’t take into account is that the cyborgs always protect their own, and they aren’t afraid to use deadly force.

And no one could imagine the depths One will stoop to in order to protect the man she loves.


Avion is the seventh book in Eve’s awesome Cyborgs: More Than Machines series but can be read on its own. It is sexy, humorous, action-packed, a tad bit violent, yet so much fun.

Alright, Cynthia, enough about the book! Tell me about Avion! What makes you hit the floor for this guy?

  • Although he, himself, is dying, Avion puts himself in even more danger by rescuing the heroine, a female prisoner he doesn’t know.
  • Avion falls in love with the heroine before he even sees her.
  • He’s an excellent pilot who loves to blow things up and is super protective of the beings he loves.


My last guest is my sister from another mister, T.J. Kline. T.J. is an Award-Winning author of western contemporary romance and small town contemporary romance. Her debut book, Rodeo Queen, is hitting Walmart and Target shelves in May and the fifth book in her Healing Hart series, Change of Heart, releases May 10th!

Well, I guess I’ll let her get a word in…

Okay when Codi asked me to talk about a swoon-worthy book hero, I had to figure out which one gave me that feeling (other than one of hers).aw shucks

You know, that feeling. The one where you feel goosebumps on your arms and a shiver of delight trickling down your spine when he talks. The one that makes the butterflies in your stomach come to life and the heat settle in other, lower places. Yeah, that book boyfriend.

I want him

Lo and behold, he was waiting for me between the cover of RITA nominee, Sara Richardson’s No Better Manno better man sarah richardson

Now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m picking an outdoorsy, cowboy kind of man but when it comes to Bryce Walker, there’s even more to him than that.

  • He’s the guy other men want to call to join them for a beer – well liked, respected, and a good friend – but he also has a tortured side. A widower who’s made plenty of mistakes and wants to redeem himself.
  • Add to that, a rugged, baseball playing guy who chops wood, wears flannel and jeans and loves his dog. I was a puddle in Bryce – I mean, Sara’s – hands.
  • And when he’s met his match in Avery, I was jealous for myself but it was easy to fall in love with the pair as they fell in love. You’ll tear up more than once when you understand the pain Bryce is hiding but at the same time, there’s some pretty sexy scenes with him that will warm you right up.

So, how do I picture this man? A little bit of Ryan Reynolds meets Jensen Ackles with some Channing Tatum throw in for good measure. If that’s not enough to get you excited, you might be dead.


swoon (2)

 Well, I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Here’s my question…with your only choices being Ryan Reyolds, Channing Tatum, and Jensen Ackles, who would you Marry, Kiss, and Kill?

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    How could you even ask that…I couldn’t possibly kill ANY of them. I could however, kiss and marry ALL of them! 🙂

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