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Top 10 Vampire Movies for Halloween!

Thanks for having me back on the Ever After Blog!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Lisa Kessler and I write dark paranormal romances with tortured heroes and strong heroines. And OMG Halloween is my favorite time of year!

Right now, Night Walker, book 1 of my Night Series is on sale! This series features my version of vampire-like creatures called Night Walkers who are descended from the Mayans. Lots of danger and sexy men with accents. Yay!

So to celebrate, I thought I’d share my top 5 must-see Vampire Movies to help make your Halloween season spooky and sexy…. Ready?

#10 – Fright Night (remake) – Okay I LOVE the original Fright Night and I was worried when they announced they were remaking it, but props to Colin Farrell, I thought he was a super sexy and super badass vampire! And I loved that Chris Sarandon had a cameo too! Fun and worth seeing!

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The Best Second Chance Love Stories

315c3ae24e6c2eb829c6e7a38e498631d7f00be01feada540c9141044f96a11fPerson A and Person B were supposed to be together. We know it, their friends know it, strangers on the street see them together and know it. Person A and Person B used to know it too, but something went wrong and here we are! Can Person A and Person B find their way back to each other? This is a second chance love story.

We love second chance love stories because they raise the stakes to the highest they can be. A second chance love story is a last chance love story. Here is a list of our favorites.


  • say im yours corinne michaelsSay I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels
    • Grace is sick of years of playing games back-and-forth with Trent Hennington. She’s done. And we’re at the first sentence of this roller coaster of a story. Say I’m Yours is the third book in the Return to Me Series by Corinne Michaels.






  • wildfire at midnightWildfire at Midnight by Mary Stewart 
    • A romantic thriller, Wildfire at Midnight follows Gianetta Brooks during her stay at a hotel where guests are getting murdered. If you’re not a suspect, you’re a love interest. 50% love story and 50% murder mystery, Wildfire at Midnight is 100% page-turning entertainment.






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Aliens to Special Forces Soldiers: Science Fiction Romance Heroes

EverAfter Romance

If you like science fiction romance (SFR), there’s a galaxy full of adventure to be had, featuring heroes for all tastes. I thought I’d give a few examples of the novels in some major subgenres today. Definitely not an all-inclusive list because there are so many SFRs being published every month, which is a terrific thing for us voracious readers!

Aliens: If we’re going to talk science fiction romance, we might as well start off with residents from Out There, right? New York Times Best Seller S. E. Smith Merrick’s Maiden (Cosmos Gateway Book 5) is a good example, with a feisty human heroine who helps the alien hero escape imprisonment. Torkel’s Chosen by Michele Howard tells the story of an Earth woman who chooses to become sort of a mail order bride of the future, going offworld to wed an alien warrior. Catherine Spangler’s Shadow Fires (Shielder Series Book 5) features both a hero and a heroine from alien races and tackles some tough cultural issues along with the romance. Pauline Baird Jones’s The Key is another exciting series with nonstop adventure, featuring a woman top gun pilot from Earth and an alien fighter pilot, stranded together in space.

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The World is Diverse: Best (so far) Romance Reads of 2015

EverAfter Romance

This year’s reading goals were to read, remember to record the books I read, and to seek out more diverse romance authors.  I’m nowhere near hitting my reading goal for the year, unfortunately, but, so far, I have managed to succeed with the other two goals. While many people are starting to think of “diversity” as just another buzz word in fiction, the fact is the world is diverse. It always has been, and always will be. But, the stories that we consume in print, TV, film, haven’t always reflected that diversity. Now that authors are finding ways to bring their stories to the public, I find myself wanting to inhale all of their tales in an effort to re-shape the way my entertainment looks. Finally, my entertainment has caught up with my reality.

So, what have been some of my favorite romance reads of the year so far?

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