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Caturday: Adopt a Black Cat!

From the Des Hommes et des Chatons tumblr.
From the Des Hommes et des Chatons tumblr.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Let’s launch into Caturday, shall we?

People are superstitious, often ridiculously so, which means that 40% of all cats in shelters are black cats. Poor kitties can’t help the color of their fur!*

But some shelters around the country are trying to encourage black cat adoption, especially at Halloween.

Here’s why you should adopt a black cat:

–They are always dressed for black tie events.

–There is no better combination than black hair fur and green eyes.

–Black goes with everything.

*Full disclosure: I have a black cat.


Also, it’s not too late to enter for a chance to win the right to name a cat in an upcoming author’s book! Check out authorsforcats for details on this excellent cause.



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Celebrate Caturday!

It’s a concept that began in Japan, and now you’re beginning to see some cat cafes pop up in the United States (this clip is from a cat cafe in London). Meow Parlour in New York City allows you to rent time in the cafe where they have adoptable free roaming cats. Meow Parlour says, “You can come for as little as half an hour so you can just pet the cats or stay for up to five hours where you can use our free wi-fi while a cat naps next to you.”

Meow Parlour also offers special events such as Yoga & Kitties Class.


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Caturday: Celebrate Cassidy!

A few weekends ago, we shared, which has two live feeds. One of the feeds shows Cassidy, a feral kitten who lost his two back legs and shouldn’t be alive, but made it. Now Cassidy has been fitted for a TinyWheelchair, and you can see his delight when he begins to move.

See what Cassidy is up to today:


We LOVE Caturday!

What’s better for a leisurely Saturday than snuggling up with a book? The addition of a cat to the book/lazy afternoon combination!

It's hard to pick who's cuter!
It’s hard to pick who’s cuter!

In honor of how much we love Caturday (don’t you?), we present a very cute kitty (oh, and model Andre Hamman is there, too), and encourage you to share pix of your favorite feline (hot guy optional, but encouraged).