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Charity Beecham Reviews THE AFTER EFFECT by Rose Shababy

The After Effect Rose Shababy

The long await for the continuation of The Blue Effect, by Rose Shababy, has finally come to an end. The After Effect, by Rose Shababy, has made its debut, and it is definitely nothing like I had imagined it to be. There are so many twists and turns to the story that you never get bored while reading it. This story is a roller coaster ride through the past, present, and future.

Kasey is being haunted by the memories of his past. He is reliving the death of his family almost every night now in his dreams. These reoccurring events are not only effecting him mentally and physically, it is also effecting his relationship with the love of his life, Blue. Blue is not liking these new frustrations coming from Kasey. He has always been the one to keep them grounded, and now that he is starting to lose his cool, will he end up losing Blue too?

The group has uprooted themselves from Seattle, and decided to move to Idaho. What they did not expect to find on their new adventure was another super human like themselves, Rayne. Rayne never expected to meet a single person with abilities like herself, much less a whole group of them. Could the intimidation of the super group be enough to push Rayne away? Or can they find a way to keep her, and talk her into joining the group? Not only is Rayne`s gift unlike any of their own, they soon will learn that her gift is the only thing that can save one of their own lives.

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The Vampire Hunter`s Daughter books 1-6, and The Arcadia Falls Chronicles books 1-6, is a two part book series. It is an immaculate series that holds your attention from beginning to end. The constant action and the love triangle leave you begging for the next book.

The story begins with the tragic death of Chloe’s mother. Chloe will learn quickly that life as she knew it, is not like she knew it at all, and it would soon change forever. Her mother was killed by vampires who were sent by Chloe`s father. Before the vampires could kidnap Chloe, a team full of vampire hunters intervenes. She runs right into the arms of Drew. Drew, and the team of vampire hunters, takes Chloe to her new forever home.

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Guest Post: Charity Beecham Reads The Blue Effect, Episodes Two and Three by Rose Shababy

The Blue Effect Episode 2 The Revelation by Rose Shababy

Welcome back readers! I have just completed The Blue Effect: The Complete Collection, Episodes 2-3 (Renegade Heroes), by Rose Shababy, and all I can say is: wow! What a remarkable series. I had said at the end of my previous essay: “things just started to heat up between Blue and Kasey”. Not only did Blue finally get her chance at true love, she also found that she possesses a powerful gift, and she inherited a family to call her own.

The connection that Blue and Kasey felt in the first book only gets stronger in 2-3. The love they have developed for each other is so strong that they literally cannot be apart from each other. Every time the two touch they feel a spark pulse through their body that can only be explained as: pure ecstasy. Anytime spent apart from each other only makes them weak, and longing for the next moment they can be together to feel that spark of life.

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Guest Post: Charity Beecham Reads The Blue Effect, Episode One by Rose Shababy

The Blue Effect, Episode One- Paper Dolls (Renegade Heroes Book 1) Rose Shababy

Have you ever had that feeling that you were not where you were meant to be? The faces you passed every day, the job you routinely work, or the house you live in is just not where you are meant to be? Well, that is exactly how Blue feels in The Blue Effect, Episode One: Paper Dolls (Renegade Heroes Book 1) by Rose Shababy. Her whole life she dealt with abuse from her mother, instability, and lack of true love.

Blue grew up with an alcoholic for a mother. Since she was a child she could remember her mother coming home late in the night, drunk, and with a different man. It finally got to the point where her mother would just stay drink 24/7. With Blue being the only person at home during the day it was easy for her mother to take all of her drunken frustrations out on Blue; physically and emotionally. At the age of only sixteen, in a fit of drunken rage, her mother kicked Blue out of the house.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
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Guest Post: Charity Beecham on Holiday Reading

A Carrington Christmas Helen Conrad

With the holidays just around the corner, literally, everyone is finding ways to help get in the spirit. It’s a time for making gingerbread houses, baking pies, and making your home as festive as possible. Of course we all know the real reason for the season: love. Many people enjoy a good holiday romance novel during the holidays. And why not? What is better than sitting by the fire, basking in the glow of the Christmas tree`s lights, and reading a good holiday book? I enjoy books that match the season because I love the positive feelings each one shares.

As we all know, most romance books end happily. But, throw the holidays into a romance novel and you not only get your happy ending, you also get a bit of that holiday magic to keep for yourself. In A Carrington Christmas Story (Destiny Bay Holiday Special Book 1), by Helen Conrad, Mason is not ready for a serious relationship. That is the furthest thing from his mind. He thoroughly enjoys his bachelor life. But when he is stuck spending Christmas Eve night with a woman, Melody, he has no choice but to really talk to the girl next door. As he slowly opens up to Melody, he discovers that he’s not the only one making some tough life decisions. In fact, when Melody tells him about her own past, his own struggles start to seem childish. The more he gets to know Melody, the more he finds himself slipping. He’s falling for her—fast.

This book is short, but it is packed with moments that conjure more fuzzy feelings than the smell of fresh sugar cookies straight out of the oven and the glint of tinsel on a tree. In the beginning, Mason has all his walls up to protect himself from any emotion that tries to enter. It is magical to feel how those walls slowly crumble for Melody. Witnessing someone learn how to love—now, that’s a real Christmas miracle.

Have you got your holiday romance book ready?  A Carrington Christmas Story (Destiny Bay Holiday Special Book 1), by Helen Conrad, is free on Kindle. It’s a short story, but packed full of just the right love needed for the holiday season. What are you reading for the holidays? What kind of stories get you in the holiday spirit? Is it romance, stories about family, or something else? Love is exactly what gets me in the spirit.

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Falling in Love with Paranormal Romance by Charity Beecham

EverAfter Romance

It wasn’t until I encountered paranormal romance that I finally understood why so many people love romance novels. Before I read any paranormal, I’d hear people go on and on about how their current read had just mind blowing romance scenes that kept them up at night. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never get into them myself. But one sweet day I was introduced to the kind of romance that would rock my world forever: paranormal romance. Paranormal romance novels did something for me that older romance novels could not. It showed me romance that was not humanly possible. Or was it?

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Action + Paranormal Romance + Fantastic Characters = Jennifer Malone Wright’s KEEPER VS. REAPER

Keeper Vs. Reaper

Jennifer Malone Wright is my favorite new paranormal romance author. Jennifer is best known for The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series, but my personal favorite of her books is Keeper vs. Reaper from the Graveyard Guardians series. What I love most about Keeper vs. Reaper is the combination of action, paranormal romance, and fantastic characters.

In Keeper vs. Reaper there are two rival families in conflict with each other. There is the Keeper family, whose main priority is to protect the souls of the graveyards while the souls are waiting to be transferred to the next life. Then there is the Reaper family, whose main goal is to consume souls that have not yet passed onto the next life because the souls give the Reapers supernatural strength. The Keeper and Reaper families are naturally supposed to stay away from each other. There is even a painful, burning sensation amongst the two if their skin touches. When the main man, Jack, is ordered by his mother to kill a Keeper, Lucy, he is puzzled to find he does not feel the painful sting when he touches Lucy.

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