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Charity Beecham Reviews THE AFTER EFFECT by Rose Shababy

The After Effect Rose Shababy

The long await for the continuation of The Blue Effect, by Rose Shababy, has finally come to an end. The After Effect, by Rose Shababy, has made its debut, and it is definitely nothing like I had imagined it to be. There are so many twists and turns to the story that you never get bored while reading it. This story is a roller coaster ride through the past, present, and future.

Kasey is being haunted by the memories of his past. He is reliving the death of his family almost every night now in his dreams. These reoccurring events are not only effecting him mentally and physically, it is also effecting his relationship with the love of his life, Blue. Blue is not liking these new frustrations coming from Kasey. He has always been the one to keep them grounded, and now that he is starting to lose his cool, will he end up losing Blue too?

The group has uprooted themselves from Seattle, and decided to move to Idaho. What they did not expect to find on their new adventure was another super human like themselves, Rayne. Rayne never expected to meet a single person with abilities like herself, much less a whole group of them. Could the intimidation of the super group be enough to push Rayne away? Or can they find a way to keep her, and talk her into joining the group? Not only is Rayne`s gift unlike any of their own, they soon will learn that her gift is the only thing that can save one of their own lives.

The future of the group is up in the air. Will Kasey and Blue make it through this rough patch of mental, and physical break down? Will Rayne stay with the group and help them with current and future missions? Can the group even hold it together long enough for the current mission at hand? They can barely stand to be around each other right now, much less have the abilities to take on a villain that is a super human also.

Read The After Effect by Rose Shababy to find out the fate that awaits this group of super humans. On an addition note, I would like to add that this book contains strong, repetitious scenes of rape. I would not recommend this book to teenagers, or victims of rape or molestation.

Charity Beecham

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