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Falling in Love with Paranormal Romance by Charity Beecham

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It wasn’t until I encountered paranormal romance that I finally understood why so many people love romance novels. Before I read any paranormal, I’d hear people go on and on about how their current read had just mind blowing romance scenes that kept them up at night. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never get into them myself. But one sweet day I was introduced to the kind of romance that would rock my world forever: paranormal romance. Paranormal romance novels did something for me that older romance novels could not. It showed me romance that was not humanly possible. Or was it?

In Reckless (Blue Collar Boyfriends Book 1), by Jessi Gage, Derek is going through a divorce, living alone, only seeing his daughter for a few days at a time, and he keeps having these nightmares that try to steal his sleep. But before his nightmares get out of hand there is always a woman`s voice telling him that “everything will be ok, I am here”. He thinks he has completely dreamt this girl up and that is all she is, a dream girl. But one day he receives a phone call that lets him know that his dream girl may not be a dream after all.

In Web of Hearts and Souls, by Jamie Magee, Willow had dreamt of two men her whole life: one man who was evil, and then one man who was her safe haven. In her dreams she would always dream of the evil boy first who would have her in a dark, sad place where Willow can only describe as “hell”. But she knew that there was something to always look forward to. After her nightmares she would always be taken to her safe haven where her good guy would always be waiting for her. She felt in her heart that he would always be there to protect her from the evil boy. But why would she need protection? Even though it felt so real, she knew it was just a dream. Or was it? One day, her father reveals a truth about their family that could only mean that her hellish boy was real, and would hunt her down. But that also meant that maybe her good dream boy could be real also.

I am not trying to talk badly about older romance novels. I actually respect them because without the older romance novels we would not have the diversification in romance novels that we have today. Paranormal romance novels are just more on my level because I am a dreamer myself, and I like to believe the unbelievable. What genres of romance novels are appealing to you? Why?

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  1. Kat T.

    I really like Fantasy romances and urban fantasy. I find that these are the types of books that have just the right blend of magic and world building and romance. Moreover, I noticed that every time I try to read a fantasy novel that doesn’t have romance in it, it just really falls flat for me. I would tend to hope for romantic possibilities for the characters even though it’s not written that way. And if the story ends without any romance in it, it just feels lacking. With fantasy romances such as C.L. Wilson’s Tairen series, or Urban fantasies like Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, I get to read everything I like in one book.

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