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Guest Post: Charity Beecham on Holiday Reading

A Carrington Christmas Helen Conrad

With the holidays just around the corner, literally, everyone is finding ways to help get in the spirit. It’s a time for making gingerbread houses, baking pies, and making your home as festive as possible. Of course we all know the real reason for the season: love. Many people enjoy a good holiday romance novel during the holidays. And why not? What is better than sitting by the fire, basking in the glow of the Christmas tree`s lights, and reading a good holiday book? I enjoy books that match the season because I love the positive feelings each one shares.

As we all know, most romance books end happily. But, throw the holidays into a romance novel and you not only get your happy ending, you also get a bit of that holiday magic to keep for yourself. In A Carrington Christmas Story (Destiny Bay Holiday Special Book 1), by Helen Conrad, Mason is not ready for a serious relationship. That is the furthest thing from his mind. He thoroughly enjoys his bachelor life. But when he is stuck spending Christmas Eve night with a woman, Melody, he has no choice but to really talk to the girl next door. As he slowly opens up to Melody, he discovers that he’s not the only one making some tough life decisions. In fact, when Melody tells him about her own past, his own struggles start to seem childish. The more he gets to know Melody, the more he finds himself slipping. He’s falling for her—fast.

This book is short, but it is packed with moments that conjure more fuzzy feelings than the smell of fresh sugar cookies straight out of the oven and the glint of tinsel on a tree. In the beginning, Mason has all his walls up to protect himself from any emotion that tries to enter. It is magical to feel how those walls slowly crumble for Melody. Witnessing someone learn how to love—now, that’s a real Christmas miracle.

Have you got your holiday romance book ready?  A Carrington Christmas Story (Destiny Bay Holiday Special Book 1), by Helen Conrad, is free on Kindle. It’s a short story, but packed full of just the right love needed for the holiday season. What are you reading for the holidays? What kind of stories get you in the holiday spirit? Is it romance, stories about family, or something else? Love is exactly what gets me in the spirit.

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