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Action + Paranormal Romance + Fantastic Characters = Jennifer Malone Wright’s KEEPER VS. REAPER

Keeper Vs. Reaper

Jennifer Malone Wright is my favorite new paranormal romance author. Jennifer is best known for The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter series, but my personal favorite of her books is Keeper vs. Reaper from the Graveyard Guardians series. What I love most about Keeper vs. Reaper is the combination of action, paranormal romance, and fantastic characters.

In Keeper vs. Reaper there are two rival families in conflict with each other. There is the Keeper family, whose main priority is to protect the souls of the graveyards while the souls are waiting to be transferred to the next life. Then there is the Reaper family, whose main goal is to consume souls that have not yet passed onto the next life because the souls give the Reapers supernatural strength. The Keeper and Reaper families are naturally supposed to stay away from each other. There is even a painful, burning sensation amongst the two if their skin touches. When the main man, Jack, is ordered by his mother to kill a Keeper, Lucy, he is puzzled to find he does not feel the painful sting when he touches Lucy.

Since this book is in the paranormal romance genre, there is romance that should be, there is romance that should not be, and there is romance that is life changing. It does not sit well with Jack that his birth-given destiny is to be a reaper of souls. But he finds a better way to reap small portions of souls during nights of passion with obvious one night stands. When he meets Lucy, he is instantly drawn to her. Why was he having these feelings for a keeper? They are enemies, he was sent to kill her! And yet, he cannot. Something inside of him restrains him from doing so. As he gets closer to Lucy, they develop a passion for each other that is not supposed to even be supernaturally possible.

Another reason why I love Keeper vs. Reaper is because I adore getting to know all of the unique characters. Jennifer does an impeccable job of letting her readers inside the hearts, minds, and everyday lives of the characters. For example: Jack is this real hard ass guy who does not have any feelings towards anything or anyone. How could he? He is a reaper of souls. But when Jack meets Lucy, and their attraction for each other blossoms, it is intriguing to read how this guy with a heart of stone can melt.

Jennifer has several series, but the Graveyard Guardians series really shines. Thus far, the series only includes two books: Keeper vs. Reaper, and Keeper of the Peace. According to Jennifer, there will be a total of nine books to this series. To find out more about this series, and other books written by Jennifer, visit her website.

If you are a fan of paranormal romance novels, what are your favorite elements of the genre?

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