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Guest Post: Charity Beecham Reads The Blue Effect, Episodes Two and Three by Rose Shababy

The Blue Effect Episode 2 The Revelation by Rose Shababy

Welcome back readers! I have just completed The Blue Effect: The Complete Collection, Episodes 2-3 (Renegade Heroes), by Rose Shababy, and all I can say is: wow! What a remarkable series. I had said at the end of my previous essay: “things just started to heat up between Blue and Kasey”. Not only did Blue finally get her chance at true love, she also found that she possesses a powerful gift, and she inherited a family to call her own.

The connection that Blue and Kasey felt in the first book only gets stronger in 2-3. The love they have developed for each other is so strong that they literally cannot be apart from each other. Every time the two touch they feel a spark pulse through their body that can only be explained as: pure ecstasy. Anytime spent apart from each other only makes them weak, and longing for the next moment they can be together to feel that spark of life.

Blue and Kasey each possess a gift. Kasey is able to read minds while Blue is a time keeper. In the beginning, Blue is not very skillful with her new found gift. She does not know how to control her timekeeping abilities. But with Kasey’s help she learns how to control it and use it when she needs it. When they put their gifts together is seems that there is more than just their intimacy that is unstoppable.

When Kasey brings Blue home she is introduced to a family of gifted individuals, or heroes. Now, these are not your average suit and cape heroes. These people are your everyday people who have struggles and drama, just like you and I. They all get off to a rocky start in the process of Blue becoming part of the family, but they have a huge mission ahead and they are forced to work out their differences. There is a killer on the loose that possesses a gift greater than any of them. The killer possesses mind and body control. He kills his victims mostly by making them kill themselves. He has to be stopped. The task does not seem to be easy, but maybe together they can pull it off.

I am so excited to see Blue finally find true love, a family, and her calling for her life. Her new life is beautiful, and she deserves it. Were you able to read along with me? What were your favorite parts? If you were not able to read along, that’s ok, there is still time. The series is fairly short (either that or it was just extremely hard to put down). The first book to the series is free on Kindle; however, you can get the complete series, books 1-3, for only $.99! What a steal!

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  1. Rose Shababy

    Thank you so much for the awesome review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. <3

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