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Guest Post: Charity Beecham Reads The Blue Effect, Episode One by Rose Shababy

The Blue Effect, Episode One- Paper Dolls (Renegade Heroes Book 1) Rose Shababy

Have you ever had that feeling that you were not where you were meant to be? The faces you passed every day, the job you routinely work, or the house you live in is just not where you are meant to be? Well, that is exactly how Blue feels in The Blue Effect, Episode One: Paper Dolls (Renegade Heroes Book 1) by Rose Shababy. Her whole life she dealt with abuse from her mother, instability, and lack of true love.

Blue grew up with an alcoholic for a mother. Since she was a child she could remember her mother coming home late in the night, drunk, and with a different man. It finally got to the point where her mother would just stay drink 24/7. With Blue being the only person at home during the day it was easy for her mother to take all of her drunken frustrations out on Blue; physically and emotionally. At the age of only sixteen, in a fit of drunken rage, her mother kicked Blue out of the house.

Trying to make a living since such a young age was not easy. Blue lived paycheck to paycheck. She could never hold a steady job. Each job never satisfied her, but she needed something to pay rent. She always felt that she did not belong at the job she obtained; she felt that, maybe, something better awaited her. But for now, to keep her mind off of the present time, she could always find a quick escape on nights out on the town.

Every chance they got, Blue and Delilah would hit the clubs to escape reality. They never had to pay to get in a club, and they definitely never had to buy their own drinks. They would dance the night away, drown their miseries in booze, and then go home with whatever guy they hung out with that night. Blue did not have much luck with relationships, but that all seemed to change the night she laid eyes on Kasey.

Blue immediately felt a connection for Kasey the moment she saw him. The feelings were mutual. Little did she know that Kasey was about to turn her world as she knew it, upside down. She would soon be introduced to a talent, and a love to finally call her own. Find out more with me as I read: The Blue Effect, Episode Two: The Revelation (Renegade Heroes Book 2). Sparks are just starting to fly between Kasey and Blue, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her them.

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