TV Recap: Scream Queens Season Finale “Dorkus” & “The Final Girl(s)”!

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We’ve reached the end of season one and, I’ll admit, I was wrong. I’m kind of on the fence if I think this was a really satisfying conclusion to the whole season. There were some intense high points and some “meh” parts, but overall I really enjoyed season one of Scream Queens.

Spoilers ahead!

Okay, so I think I actually cheered when Pete kicked the bucket. Maybe that makes me a horrible person but he was one of those guys who I figure style themselves “nice guys” when it turns out that they’re really asshats who will totally be convinced to go on a killing spree because they were sexually embarrassed by a pretty girl—all under the guise of self-righteous fury. It’s crap, and him basically manhandling Grace in his dorm room so he can explain how he totes killed the one twin and Boone FOR HER… UGH. So, yeah, I didn’t cry tears when he got knifed.

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I was also kind of disappointed at how much Zayday was checked out of most of the latter part of the season, the finale included. She’s such a great character and they basically shelved her. I’d rather watch her than Grace any day.

Side note—seriously, how does Grace manage to be so damn self righteous when she was seriously going to KILL someone…and then throws her dad into bed with the same woman she was going to kill? Like how does she rationalize that?

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Can I just say how much I love Dean Munsch? Because, seriously. She’s totally one hundred percent owning her sexuality and she has no problem talking smack after the fact, too. She knew Grace’s Creepy Dad had an agenda, and she didn’t pause to take him up on it (seriously GREAT playlist, BTW), and then calling him on it immediately afterwards. Naturally, she blew his mind and now he’s as infatuated with her as Chad is (I see more and more of the frat boy in Grace’s Creepy Dad as time goes on and it just makes him less attractive IMO. Just gross).

For a season finale, there really weren’t that many deaths. We had Pete and the pizza man (which sounds like a totally DIFFERENT kind of story), and that’s…pretty much it. Hester had a self-inflicted eye wound. I’ll come back to her.

I was kind of disappointed that my theory about Chanel #5 wasn’t correct. To me, she would have been the perfect killer—seemingly ineffectual and hiding a cold killer beneath her exterior. Having Hester manipulate her parents into disowning her (and the fact they were apparently all for it) is like kicking a puppy at this point. It’s not funny and it’s kind of annoying.

Hester orchestrated a whole hell of a lot of circumstantial evidence and I still don’t get how everyone was just like “eh, sounds legit.” I mean, Denise? Sure. She hired strippers to replace the cop force and, frankly, I think they’re probably better cops than the real ones in that town. But Grace and Zayday literally had evidence that every single aspect of Hester’s history was fabricated and they just shrugged and went on with their lives as the Chanels were arrested? Grace was accusing her two seconds before, and it’s obvious that her story about her parents being CIA AND actors was complete BS, but everyone is like “I think you check out!” and then went on to accuse the three Chanels on significantly less evidence. It was frustrating to watch in the extreme.

The quick nod at a trial was also eye-rolling, but I do like that the Chanels pretty much blossomed in the mental institution. I would think they’d be sent somewhere a little more secure since they’re, you know, accused of murdering like a dozen people. But they’re happy, each in their own way, and that was pretty cool.

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At least the Dean isn’t a complete idiot, because she knows Hester is the killer. Though Hester said the only person she actually killed was Pete, which doesn’t track. Gigi was killed after Boone was, and I kind of doubt Pete was capable of that. But, as Hester points out, the Dean is a murderer in her own right (there are seriously a lot of them on this show), so they kind of go their separate ways.

I do like the cutting off point for the series. I doubt Hester will be happy as third in line for the Kappa presidency for long, and she’s obviously not pleased that the Chanels are enjoying themselves in the mental institution since the season ends with Chanel in bed with the Red Devil wielding a knife over her.

So, yeah, I liked this show quite a bit. I think there were points where they kind of dropped the ball, but I DO like how they ended things without really ending things. The story continues and you can bet I’ll be checking in with the second season!

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