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Aural Pleasures: JULIAN’S SINS by Robin L. Rotham

Julian's Sins Robin L. Rotham

Greetings from the snowy Midwest! I’m thrilled to be here today chatting about Julian’s Sins release. If you’ve read FrankenDom, then you’ve read Julian’s Sins—it’s the exact same book. The only things new are the title and cover, so don’t buy it again if you’ve already read it. 🙂

Why, you ask, were they changed? Because when I originally conceived Julian’s Sins, it was supposed to be a Halloween short story, and I titled and covered it that way before it was even done. But the book turned out to be neither—even as I wrote, the story grew into a full-length BDSM romance novel that spans more than six months, and considering the recent headlines about medical advances, I consider it more a medical romance than science fiction. So my editor and I decided that the book should be retitled, recovered and re-released to reach its target readership.

My playlist for Julian’s Sins was very moody. I don’t usually listen to music while I write, but I listen to it in advance to get myself into my characters’ moods, either for the overall story or for a specific scene. In fact, when I’m in writing mode, I tend to listen to my playlist all the time, especially when I’m on a long drive. Something about music plus the monotony of the open road helps me sink into my story, and driving is where many of my best ideas happen. (Well, there and in the shower, where I also listen to my playlist. :D)

You’ll see from my playlist that I listened to a lot of VAST. Jon Crosby’s music has a moody, dramatic feel that I love, which is why it’s been featured on several TV shows. In fact, that’s how I discovered VAST—their “Don’t Take Your Love Away” accompanied one of Smallville’s cliffhanger season finales and the dark mood it set was amazing and perfect.

 Julian’s Sins Playlist

VAST: “Pretty When You Cry”
VAST: “Here”
VAST: “Flames”
VAST: “Winter in My Heart”
VAST: “The Nile’s Edge”
VAST: “Don’t Take Your Love Away”
Apocalyptica: “Nothing Else Matters”
Incubus: “Love Hurts”
A Fine Frenzy: “Almost Lover”
Depeche Mode: “Master and Servant”
Depeche Mode: “In Your Room”
Depeche Mode: “I Want It All”
Celine Dion: “A Song for You”
Celine Dion: “Falling Into You”

 Hey, now—I see you out there, rolling your eyes at Celine Dion! But cut me some slack—there’s an ebb and flow to the emotion in my stories and sometimes I need to chill, to be sensual or wistful or thoughtful. I mean, I can’t be dark and sexy all the time, right? My playlist for the upcoming sequel, Jordan’s Seduction, has a lot more hardcore, angry music on it, in keeping with that book’s main character—and once you read Julian’s Sins, you’ll know why Jordan is so very, very angry…

Today I’ll be giving away a $25 gift card to the ebook vendor of the winner’s choice, as well as a copy of any one of my backlist ebooks, so be sure and leave a comment!

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3 Responses to “Aural Pleasures: JULIAN’S SINS by Robin L. Rotham”

  1. Jennifer

    Oh I bet the play list for the next book is full of rage…like Norwegian death metal levels of rage. I look forward to the next book. I loved FrankenDom/Julian’s Sins.

  2. Elaine G

    LOL at Cecile Dion comment. I’d never roll my eyes at that 😉
    I have this on the TBR list.

  3. Robin L. Rotham

    Jennifer, YES!!! Jordan’s playlist is brimming with rage. Most of it came from my 18yo son’s iPod, because, you know, rage isn’t really my thing in real life. 😀

    Elaine, I’m going to pretend I believe you meant that. 😉

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