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Guest Post: “A Writer’s Journey” by Desiree Holt

Wolf Moon Desiree Holt

I think that I wanted to be a writer for my entire life. When my children were young I loved making up stories for them. I could hardly wait for the opportunity to put those words down on paper and create something of substance. Unfortunately life got in the way, and beyond work and raising a family my dream got stuffed in the closet until I finally retired. Even then it too four more years before I was able to actually begin to write.

Now, you’d think since I’d been dreaming about this for so long that the writing would be easy, right? Wrong! Oh, I even had an outline for my story, a murder mystery. No, not a romance. Not then. Why? Because growing up my mother and my sister only read mysteries while I was growing up so I sort of followed in their footsteps. I enjoyed reading, them, really, and could hardly wait until I had the time to write one of my own.

That didn’t happen until both my late husband and myself retired. I was so excited to begin. I even had a complete plot and my list of characters all worked out. But a funny thing happened on the way to writing that book. After three months I still had only three chapters written. Now anyone who knows me knows that I can really crank out the words so it wasn’t hard to figure out that something was wrong.

Then one day I read a romantic suspense, fell in love with the plot and the genre and thought to myself, Okay, this is for me. Overnight it seemed a plot crystalized in my brain and I began writing. I loved that book. Just loved it. Of course, I joined a writers’ groups and realized at once how much I had to learn about writing a book. It took me five years to get that first book polished enough that a publisher bought it. Meanwhile, fortunately, I wrote other books and they sold and I was on my way.

Over the years I have worked hard to grow my talent and create stories people would love. I discovered early on that I write character-driven stories. To me, the character is the essence of a story. Create your characters, play the What If game with them and the stories will almost create themselves. I also learned that very often the finished product bears very little resemblance to what I began with. Again, it’s the characters. They live in my head and talk to me if they don’t like what I’m doing. I’ve learned I’d better listen to them.

Once I began writing romance I realized it as the best of all possible worlds. Under the romance banner I could—and have—written many subgenres—suspense, thriller, paranormal, to name just a few. I love living with my characters and telling their stories.

And I have learned that if you really work hard at your craft you can succeed. I love writing so I donlt ever see myself not doing this. My characters are my gift to my readers, who I truly love, and I plan to keep creating them for a very long time.

A new wolf pack gathers…

Survivors of the devastation wrought by developers and a more savage pack, the Moonlight Wolf Pack struggles to find a new home for itself in the heat of Central Florida. Here you will meet Jesse and Charlie, the sheriff’s deputies who are their liaison to the human world; Alexa and Liana, the women they married; Derek Sawyer and Rand Molina, leader and lieutenant of the Moonlight Pack; and all those who make up their wolf family as well as those who will join them in the future.

It starts with Wolf Moon…

Shapeshifter Alexa Morgan fled her home in the north when her relationship with a human ended in disaster and the clan alpha shunned her. Now living in Florida, against all her better judgment she finds herself in a hot relationship with Jesse Farrell, the cop next door.  Despite her knowledge that the relationship is doomed, she cannot stay away from him. When Jesse, a gang task force member, is hurt one night on the job, Alexa begins to spend her nights tracking him, keeping him in her line of sight, determined to protect him. But she’s terrified of his reaction when he discovers her true nature. Will he accept her or bolt as her other lover did, leaving her destroyed once again.

And watch for Venus Moon and Blood Moon.

Desiree HoltKnown the world over as the oldest living author of erotic romance, and dubbed by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance, Desiree Holt has produced more than two hundred titles in nearly every subgenre of romance fiction. She is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, an Authors after Dark Author of the Year and of the Holt Medallion. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily Mail and numerous other national and international publications. She enjoys football and reading and her three cats, who are her constant writing companions. Desiree can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and

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