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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: RUTHLESS by Gina L. Maxwell

Ruthless Gina L. Maxwell

Welcome to the work week, here’s a steamy scene from Gina L. Maxwell‘s Ruthless just for you!

“Show me what it means to be not normal, Roman.”

He catches my wrists, but doesn’t pull me away from him. “It’s more than you’re bargaining for, Addie, believe me.”

“You know, you have a terrible habit of making decisions for me, and it’s really starting to piss me off. Why don’t you stop being so damn vague, man up, and tell me what it is you think I’ll have such a strong aversion to, so I can prove you wrong.”

He spins us in a quarter turn to place the table behind me, then releases my wrists to cage me in with his hands on either side of my hips. Leaning into me, he speaks directly in my ear, his voice deep and deliberate. “I like control, Addison. I like controlling my lover’s pleasure. Her every desire is fulfilled by me or at my command.”

Shivers race over me as I imagine Roman fulfilling my every desire. “Your command. You want to watch me touch myself?”

“No,” he says, pulling back just enough to meet my gaze, his lips now a breath away from mine. “I want to watch another man touch you.”

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: BEAST RISING by Angela Addams

Beast Rising Angela Addams

WARNING: This excerpt is too hot for work. Nothing says ‘wild’ quite like an erotic romance with a paranormal twist. Make sure no one’s around and kick back and enjoy this excerpt from Angela Addams!

The only way he could find solace was in the arms of his mate. Mayhem took the minutes that he had to be alone with Hannah and used them to love her.

He ran his fingers through her hair, sweeping the wet strands from her bare shoulder. “You showered.”

After his meeting with Aubrey, he’d tracked Hannah down, knowing his time was limited. That important things would demand his attention.

“I needed time to unwind.” Hannah’s smile was sad but tender. “Lots of intense emotions swirling around down there.”

He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip, cupping her face at the same time. “What do you feel now?”

She giggled a little. “I feel like things are going to get very interesting.” Her smile faded as she reached her hand to trail a line from his brow to his jaw. “I feel your sorrow. I’m so sorry, Mayhem. Whatever you need from me…”

“I need you to love me, Hannah. That’s all I’ve ever needed.” He bent and kissed her, sweetly, tenderly as he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground. “Let me think of something else for a minute.”

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Give Me Heart With The Heat” by Sherilee Gray

Breaking Him Sherilee Gray

When I first started writing, the idea of writing a sex scene was terrifying. OMG! Someone might read it. I blushed just thinking about it. Even though the books I read and loved had sex scenes, that to me, felt integral to the character development in those stories—I didn’t know if I could pull it off. Then the time finally came, my characters needed to get busy. I’d like to say it was easy, that my hero and heroine didn’t come across like horny, multi-limbed, octopus-people, and that I’d managed to successfully add emotion and character growth like a champ—unfortunately, I can’t tell you that. There were arms and legs everywhere, euphemisms being thrown about willy-nilly, and purple prose that was so darn purple it would make your eyes water.

It was just as hard as I imagined it would be.

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Unbreakable Hope Sami Lee

You know what, Erotic Romance fans? We don’t do nearly enough for you! So as a treat to you (totally not a selfish gift to ourselves, why are you looking at us like that?) we’ve got an amazing Q&A with Sami Lee, author of Unbreakable Hope, out now!

How did you come up with the idea for this story?

Hope’s story has been kicking around in my head ever since her character was introduced in her sister Emily’s story, Eternal Brand. I had strong ideas who the characters would be—Dylan Wakefield first appeared in book 2 of the series—but no idea how I was going to bring the three together. That I had to work out as I got into writing the story.


Where do you find your inspiration? 

All around me. In stories I hear on the news, in movies, in real life. I think I’m a writer because I’m always curious about what life would be like through someone else’s viewpoint. I’m always asking myself ‘what would I do if that happened to me? If my childhood had been like this instead of that?’. Asking the questions is what makes the stories form in my head.


Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Ah, all of it? LOL. Finding the time, staying motivated, plotting. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants but that doesn’t always work when I have deadlines, so sometimes I do have to plot and still after almost 20 published works, I struggle with that.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn

Q&A: Libby Bishop of SON OF THUNDER

Son of Thunder Libby Bishop

Libby Bishop, one of the most exciting paranormal/erotic Romance authors out there has done us a kindness and answered some of our burning questions (Hey, don’t look at us like that. “Cake or pie?” is a very important question for some people.) and it’s fantastic! Her newest book, Son of Thunder, is out today!



What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

A Good Year (with Russell Crowe)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Romancing the Stone

Baby Boom

The Princess Bride


Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can include a Youtube clip if you want as well).

A Good Year

A Good Year: this photo is from one of my favorite scenes. Funny, but romantic and witty. This really showed the chemistry between these two characters.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Em Petrova’s KICKIN’ UP DUST

Kickin' Up Dust Em Petrova

Western Romance fans, we have something special just for you! When Danica loses her brother and Brodie loses his best friend, they consider a piece of themselves lost forever. Until they find each other. Two childhood friends come together in the wake of war and loss. The amazing Em Patrova is heating things up in this exclusive excerpt of Kickin’ Up Dust, out now!

Danica could almost feel her ovaries exploding as she drank in the image of Sergeant Brodie Bell. He must have packed on fifty pounds of solid muscle since going off to war with her brother. His arms were roped, his biceps bursting from his T-shirt sleeves. And mother of pearl, the way his jeans hung on his hips could make a girl go a little crazy.

Her nipples were two tight buds, and she feared he could see them distending her top, since she hadn’t bothered with a bra after her shower. All day long the torture device had dug into her shoulders and chafed her sides. Someday maybe she’d fabricate and patent a bra made for cowgirls. One a girl could rope and ride in without discomfort.

She watched Brodie’s face change as they stared at each other.

“You lost the braces.”

Oh hell. Was that all he saw when he looked at her? That she no longer had buck teeth? In school they’d called her Easter, because someone said her teeth resembled the Easter Bunny’s.

“Yeah, Pup. What of it?” She shot him a grin, quite aware of how perfect her problem area was now.

A ghost of a smile tipped the corner of his lips but he didn’t let it reach his eyes. Those were the deepest brown, nearly black. Cool, calculating almost. She could easily see how battle and probably the latest events had changed him.

“That nickname can’t rile me anymore. What do you think they called me in boot camp?” He extended his forearm, where a cute little black puppy was tattooed. Its jaws were wide open, and blood dripped off its fangs.

She noted the veins snaking over his arm and felt her nipples tighten further. What was the matter with her? This wasn’t the time for lust or the person to lust over. Matt was dead, and Brodie had the horrifying job of delivering his belongings to her parents.

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Q&A: Sacchi Green of ME AND MY BOI

Me and My Boi Cover

We’re so excited for this one, guys. One of the most talented and respected queer writers and editors has stopped by to answer a barrage of questions from us. Welcome Sacchi Green, editor of Me and My Boi, out today!


What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can include a Youtube clip if you want as well).

Since I write for and edit lesbian erotica anthologies, my preference is for GLBTQ-themed movies, but, since there aren’t all that many of those to choose from, some of my choices are more of a mainstream nature.

  1. Bound: A thriller with a romantic core. Violet (Jennifer Tilly), longs to escape her relationship with her mafioso boyfriend Caesar (Joe Pantoliano), and enters into a clandestine affair with alluring ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon.) There are plenty of memorable (and often violent) themes, but my favorite part is the extended sex scene between the two women, which I’ve discovered was directed and “choreographed” by Susie Bright, the well-known feminist writer and sex educator. I’ll just say that she made sure they got it right.
  1. Cloudburst: Stella (Olympia Dukakis) and Dotty (Brenda Fricker) are a longtime couple separated when the daughter of Brenda’s character (who is blind) forces her mother into a nursing home—until Stella springs her from the place and they head for Canada where they can be legally married. Every scene deserves to be a favorite, especially those where Stella displays a vocabulary worthy of any sailor (which is pretty much every scene), but my favorite is possibly when Stella tries to describe a seashore sunset to her blind lover.
  1. Always: Everybody is straight in this movie, but that doesn’t keep it from being gripping. Pete Sandich is a daredevil aerial forest-fire fighter. Pete finds True Love with Dorinda (Holly Hunter) but won’t give up the job. When he takes one risk too many, Dorinda faces deep grief and cannot easily put her life back together. In a crucial scene Dorinda takes a plane up by herself to rescue trapped firefighters, but almost doesn’t make it back, until Pete’s spirit, left temporarily on earth for this very purpose, guides and strengthens her, as well as encouraging her to take advantage of a new potential love that has entered her life.

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Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: Sawyer Hayes from Shelly Bell’s BLACK LISTED

The hero I will be introducing you to puts the sex in sexy, that’s for sure. If you haven’t pre-ordered Black Listed, it is the fourth novel in Shelly Bell’s Benediction series. Black Listed by Shelly Bell It is Erotic Romantic Suspense and it is definitely H-A-W-T! And so is our hero, Sawyer Hayes; billionaire, CEO, tech genius, alpha/dominant… drool

Don’t know what Benediction is? Well, it is a BDSM club and all of the books (from the White Collared serials to Black Listed) have several scenes take place in the club and all of the heroes and heroines meet and fall in love because they share a common interest; kink.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Avery Cassell on Erotic Romance & BEHROUZ GETS LUCK

Behrouz Gets Lucky Avery Cassell

I’m ecstatic to say that Behrouz Gets Lucky is an erotic romance that seduces any audience who loves heart-stopping tender romance, combined with smut that is guaranteed to get your naughty bits wet and hard. The universal needs of love, intimacy, sex, and pleasure are the foundations of Behrouz and Lucky’s relationship. Every murmured “I love you”, luxuriously eaten post-coital snack of cake in bed, and sweating multiple orgasms on the Persian carpet clinches the deal. We’re all in this world together.

When I wrote Behrouz Gets Lucky, I anticipated that my readers would be mostly from the queer, leather, and transgender communities. I wasn’t certain that other folks would get it, or even want to get it, but I was okay with that. I wish that the LGBTQ community was one big happy family, but it isn’t. Although there can be some crossover, many times each subculture is isolated and at odds with one another. So, I wasn’t sure if gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals would relate to my novel, let alone people from the vanilla and straight communities! Would others find the smoking hot, sweet, love story of Behrouz Gets Lucky enticing too? Would the romance, the yearning for love, humor, and humanity carry over?

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Using Alternate Species” by Roxy Mews

Interlocking Hearts Roxy Mews

Hi. waves to the crowd My name is Roxy Mews, and I can’t decide on a genre. There are a lot of decisions a writer must make when constructing a story. One major decision is what genre your book falls in. This helps readers find stories and helps publishers market them. If an author is smart they will try to figure this out ahead of time. But I never claimed to be smart.

I tend to think about the story I want to tell, or the feeling I want to convey, before I consider what genre it will end up in. Once I figure out my story, I pick the characters that work best. If that means my characters change sex or species, so be it. Often this leaves me with stories that straddle genre lines.

In The DMA Files series, I wanted to work with characters who took societal prejudice about sex out of the equation. In Coral-600 I wanted to tell about the sexual awakening of a character devoid of the shame we’re told to feel about our first time. So Coral became a robot. And, don’t worry, at over ninety years since her creation, she was well past the age of consent.

The alternate reality I’ve created in these books incorporates many of our modern day verbiage and traditions. One difference is the advancement and acceptance of robotic artificial intelligence technology. The world Coral and Paisley live in had an advancement around fifty years ago that allowed artificial intelligence to become self-aware in today’s world. With beings so close to human appearance and behavior, it’s easy to imagine there would have to be some serious discussion about when a bot was able to act as its own programmer.

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