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Guest Post: Cindi Madsen on Her Very First OTP

Operation Prom Date Cindi Madsen

In my new release, Operation Prom Date, my heroine Kate is all about fandoms and shipping and OTPs (One True Pairing, if you’re not sure what that is). It’s basically the couple that you read about or watch on TV, and you start yelling at the characters to kiss already. The couple that makes you a little crazy, to the point where if someone disagrees with you or tries to say they should be with someone else, it might get ugly.

Here’s a small excerpt from when they first talk about ships:

“I ship Olicity the hardest.”

“‘Ship’ them?”

“I want them in a relationship. Like I’d put them in a ship together so they’d be forced to see they’re perfect for each other, bribe the writers to get them together, ship them. Partnership, friendship, please-God-put-them-in-a-relationship-already ship them.”


“It’s a common phrase. Oliver and Felicity are totally my OTP, which means one true pairing, if you haven’t somehow heard of that, either. I also ship Alexa and Clarke on The 100 a crazy amount, and I was pretty mad at the writers for a while, but something happened and…well, I won’t spoil it, but I might’ve teared up. Then of course there’s Stydia and Captain Swan”—she pointed at a blond figure wearing a red jacket and a goateed dude with a hook for a hand—“I used to be all about Damon and Elena, but there toward the end, I shipped her and a coffin. Which sounds mean, I know, but vampires don’t technically die, so a bit nicer?”

“I’m still judging you too much for saying ‘ship them the hardest’ to judge you for the vampire stuff.”

I started thinking about the first couple who made me yell “kiss already!” The couple that I obsessed over and got butterflies whenever they talked. My couple actually first met on a ship, too, which I think makes them extra perfect for this.

I’m gonna call them Nit. Nate and Kit, from The Witch of Blackbird Pond. This was back in the time when witch trials were all the rage. She leaves her home in Barbados after her grandfather dies and goes to Connecticut to live with her Aunt Rachel in her Puritan community. She jumps into the water to save a little girl’s doll and of course that casts suspicion, as witches apparently floated. Nathaniel or Nate is the captain’s son and they meet on her journey over.

Of course, like in most couples you ship, the characters don’t see nearly enough of each other, but every time they do, the sparks fly. Of course things keep getting in the way and you know they’d be perfect if they’d just find a way to get it together, which keeps you turning the pages.

I remember swooning so hard for Nate when he came to the aid of a woman who’d been accused of witchcraft. Nate was definitely one of my first book boyfriends.

From there, there was Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe. He called her carrots, she smashed her slate over his head, and I knew it was meant to be.

Through the years, I’ve shipped a lot of couples, but you never forget that first couple that made you feel all the feels. The first couple that had you flipping the pages, hoping each one would have some interaction that would lead to more interactions, which would hopefully lead to lots and lots of kissing.

What couple was your first OTP?

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