Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: West from IGNITE & Lane from SMOLDER by Karen Erickson


Over the weekend, I read the first book in the Wildwood series, Ignite, and was lucky enough to get an ARC of Smolder from the amazing Karen Erickson, so I dived into that on Sunday, and you know what? cover 1 (1)cover 2 (1) They were freaking awesome! hells yeah

Especially the heroes of the books, West and Lane. West is the younger Gallagher brother, a firefighter, and a former trouble maker. teaser While he dated Delilah in high school, he secretly wanted sweet Harper. The night before he left town, he kissed Harper, and then ditched her, leaving her feeling betrayed.

h and w kissWhen he comes back to town years later, the two can’t deny the spark between them and things get super-hot…even as an arsonist wreaks havoc on the town of Wildwood. bloody (1)

Lane is the eldest Gallagher brother, and has been resisting Delilah, his brother’s high school girlfriend, since she was sixteen. What he didn’t count on is Delilah’s persistence that they are supposed to be together. dandl kiss Even tough sheriff’s deputy, Lane, can’t fight against Delilah’s charms. delilah dance As the two fall hard for each other, even as they tell themselves it’s just steamy sex, you get caught up in the romance of these two bull-headed characters. definitelyAnd as the arsonist plot develops, you start wondering why someone is targeting Wildwood.

Though both of these men are completely swoon-worthy, who you think is the swooniest all depends on which qualities you prefer…

  • West is a firefighter….Lane is a cop. cop (1)hose
  • West is the funny, former troublemaker who is all charm…Lane is the sexy, brooding older brother who is too serious for his own good. delicious
  • West makes love gentle but firm…Lane is like a rough, battering ram of hotness. west and harperkiss (2)
  • Both men are possessive, and protective…there are several scenes in both books that will make you melt. You're mine
  • They both had issues from their past that make you want to hug and help them heal. hug (2)i love you (2)

If you want to decide for yourself which would make a more Swoon-Worthy Hero, you can snag Ignite for $1.99 cents right now, and Smolder for $2.99. And then, you can sit around like the rest of us happily anticipating Torch, book three in the Wildwood series. torch I am dying to get my hands on Wren and Tate’s book! Stephen-Colbert-give-it-to-me-now

What is your favorite family saga romance series?

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