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Exclusive Excerpt: SWEET SOUTHERN BAD BOY by Michele Summers

Sweet Southern Bad Boy Michele Summers

Finally, an excerpt for the classic Beautiful Extended Kiss category! Michele Summers has brought the heat with this delightful exclusive excerpt from Sweet Southern Bad Boy!

Vance crossed the kitchen in two long strides. “Thanks, Kat, you’re a lifesaver.” Relief flooding his face. He hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a long, hard kiss. Katie resisted by pressing her palms against his rock-hard chest (well, resist might be a bit strong. More like, she pressed herself against him and looped her arms around his neck for closer contact.) The kiss deepened as he backed her against the kitchen cabinets. His rough hand moved to her throat, making her pulse jump. She savored the flavor of his mouth…coffee and forbidden wickedness. Nibbling on her lips, the kiss softened. Katie reveled in his warmth and strength. She knew she should stop, but…not yet. As if he could sense her surrender, he crushed her closer and took possession of her mouth.

“We…you…have to…stop,” she said in between nips and licks. This time she did push against him and his head lifted.


Katie blinked, trying to clear her kiss-befuddled head. One hand heated the small of her back; the other rested precariously close to her already excited breast. “B-because. I have a boyfriend?”

Vance looked at her as if she spoke Swahili. “Boyfriend?” His hold tightened and he swooped down for another brain-dissolving kiss as if to wipe thoughts of her boyfriend from her mind. Which he did. Quite nicely, too. Making her knees turn to wet noodles, unable to refuse… (okay, refuse might be wrong, more like surrender to burning desire).

“What’s his name?” he murmured, eating her lips as if they were made of sugar drops.

“Hmm?” Katie loved the texture of his firm mouth and the way his tongue swirled around hers. “Who?”

“The boyfriend.” Vance sucked her bottom lip.

“Er, oh. Hmmm.” Katie moaned, weaving her fingers through his long, thick hair. Vance rained nibbling kisses around her jaw, down her neck, and back up to her begging mouth.

“T-Tom.” Kiss. Kiss. Nibble. Kiss. Pop went the sound as Katie unlatched her lips from his. “I mean, Tad. His name is Tad.” She shook her head. Katie made an effort (weak at best) to move from the circle of his arms, but he refused to release her, staring with unreadable, dark eyes.

“Tad? That’s not a name. I’ve never heard of it. What’s his last name?”

She cast her eyes down and examined their feet entwined on top of the black and white checkered tile floor. She’d never been a big fan of Tad’s name. It always sounded juvenile, but when coupled with his last name, ugh…even worse.

“I’m not buying this relationship you have with Tad whoever. You don’t even remember his name.”

Her head popped up. “Yes…yes, I do. His name is Tad Poole and he’s a wonderful guy,” Katie lied. He used to be wonderful when they first started dating, but as soon as he started working at McKnight Studios, he changed. He became obsessed with work, shamelessly sucking up to her dad at every opportunity. When Tad started lecturing her about her career choices, Katie felt betrayed. He’d barely been with the company a month and he’d already gone over to the dark side.

“I’m sorry, but did you say, Tad Poole or Tad Pole?

No pulling one over on this guy. He made his living with words. “Poole. He’s Tad Poole the third. He comes from a very prominent family in Los Angeles. And—”

“You mean there’s a Tad Pole first and second? Do they come from a prominent family of frogs?

“Yes. And since I’ve had the great fortune of kissing him and turning him into a prince, I will soon be a princess when we marry.” She gave her head a regal toss.

Vance moved back. Katie missed his closeness and hated herself for it.

Pointing a blunt finger at her face, he said, “Marry? You didn’t say anything about getting married. Your tadpole, frog-kissing days are over. Mark my words.”

Katie gave a nervous laugh. “This is a ridiculous discussion and has no bearings on why I’m here.”

Vance curled his hand around her neck. “I’d like to change that. Maybe we should go back to what we were doing before you brought up tadpoles.”

She pushed him away with force this time. “No. No more kissing.”


“No. Never. I’m here on business and business only. Well, that and babysitting. Business and babysitting. Kissing and groping are not part of the deal.”

He grinned down at her. “Sure I can’t change your mind?”

Maybe. Yes. No. No! She had a brief desire to punch him in the gut because she wanted to put the kissing back on the table. Damn him.

“Vance Kerner, you are a black-hearted pirate with no scruples and you should be thankful I’m going to church to pray for your soul.” Katie pushed past him and stomped out of the kitchen.

“Don’t run off. Where are you going?”

Katie wanted to press her palms over her ears to block out his boisterous laughter. “To shower. You can get the kids dressed for Sunday school.” If he didn’t stop laughing, she’d make him take the kids too.

“May I—”

Katie whirled around. “Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.” She shook her finger at him. “No. You may not join me.”

Michele Summers writes smart romances with spunky heroines, hunky heroes and wacky characters, with sigh-worthy emotion and a satisfying happily ever after. She never tires of creating fictional towns with lovable but flawed characters. When not writing, Michele loves her career as an interior designer and works with clients in NC and Miami where she lived for over 20 years. These days she stays busy herding her college freshman and high school sophomore and spends a lot of time watching them compete in tennis.

Presently she resides in NC where she grew up with her family, but still misses sunny South Florida, swaying palm trees and wearing open-toed shoes…everyday!

Michele can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram and MicheleSummers.com.


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