Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Her Scottish Mistake by Michele De Winton

Would you like a large dose of sunshine with that?

I live in New Zealand where us lucky folk can have sun, surf and snow within the day. I’m not a huge snow person -it’s pretty and all but it’s cold! I love the beach – why be cold when you can be hot! Living on an island, the coast is never very far away, and so I’ve grown up in and around the ocean (and my boys are following in my footsteps). I’ve also done a whole heap of traveling, so when I was asked to write a destination romantic comedy, one of the fun parts was choosing where to set it. I settled on Thailand for Her Scottish Mistake, because it’s a veritable melting pot of sights, sounds and tastes. Temples, wildlife, beaches, island, and ah-mazing food, you can get it all there, along with a hefty dose of sunshine.

It got me thinking what would the ABC’s of my holiday planning be. You know, A for Amazing sunsets, B for beaches and C for cocktails. I’m running a poll on my street team at the moment, and while there are definitely a few in my sunshine cocktail camp, there are plenty in the more urban end of the scale. A for Absinth, B for Bars and C for Christian Louboutins? I’d love to know what you think.

Read an excerpt from Her Scottish Mistake below. 

“That was…”

She put a finger over his lips. “Putting words to it will break the spell. It’s a golden thing right now. Try to name it and it will run away.”

A soft smile curved his lips. “That’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.”

Oh, Lordy. Heart clenching and expanding at the same time, Janie tried to hold on to the sensation, wanting to fill up the whole world with the love that was pulsing through it. She took a deep, staggering breath. “That’s it. I’m officially done. Dead. You just killed me right there.”

“What?” He rose up on his elbow.

“This has been such an amazing ride. You have no idea. I might as well die right now because nothing is going to top it.”

His laugh, remarkably, only made her love him harder, because that was what had happened, she realized. In the last few minutes she’d gone from lusting after every part of him, to liking him, to reveling in his arms, to downright loving him. Her heart was in so much trouble when she got back to Little Acre.

“You never know,” he said as he tweaked her nose. “You might like what comes next even more.”

Janie shook her head. “I will love whatever comes next, and you know it. But it won’t top that. I am a dead woman walking.”

p1000553About Michele De Winton: Words are my drug. There, I said it and now I can’t take it back. I’ve tried doing other things. Heck, I was even a dancer in Bosnia (true story), but I keep coming back to the page and getting stuck there. Hooray for words! But hooray for characters too because that’s what I love. I like to twist them up in knots, take away their toys, get them drunk and throw them at each other. I try to be mostly polite in real life (I did say mostly) so it’s a joy to unleash sassy, mouthy, smart women on the romance men of my worlds and let them at it. I know the saying goes, “girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice,” but with me you can expect less sugar and more spice. Heck, these girls are made of adventure, great beer and no fear. 

Despite training in law (or perhaps because of it) I have been a dancer, choreographer, producer, and all round arty type in various countries for most of my life. I’ve also travelled extensively, working on projects in Bosnia, India, Scotland, England, Brazil and New Zealand. I love to hear from readers so do come stalk me online – you can check out what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter, grab a free story and join my newsletter for freebies all from my website.

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