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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: WASP by Fiona Quinn

As an author, I spend a lot of time with my heroes. A lot of time. So they’d better be pretty amazing to keep my attention. I like my men to be smart, skilled, respectful, and the good-looking part goes without saying. I find nothing embodies the kind of guy I want to write (and read) about better than a US military special operator. A SEAL, a guy from Delta Force? Mmm hmm. Yes, please.

And in my books, why settle for just one? I prefer they work together on a team of hunky, competence.

Here’s a scene from my newest novel, WASP, as Gage Hamilton, an elite Marine Ranger, is meeting some of his future teammates on Panther Force after they just saved Zoe from the bad guys:

Gage growled. He was eye to eye with the man who tried to shoot his way into the house to get to Zoe. Gage was palpably seething with violence, and she thought he was having a hard time stoppering it.

Titus patted him on the shoulder. “Stand down, Marine. Get Zoe into the car.”

Gage turned and spat on the ground. Reaching for Zoe’s hand, Gage stalked down the sidewalk, and she two-stepped to keep up.

A Panther opened the SUV’s door, and pulled the center bench seat down. “You’ll be in this one, ma’am.” He extended his hand to shake with her. “My name’s Thaddeus Crushed, I go by Nutsbe.”

“Nutsbe?” Zoe said wonderingly, then she put two and two together. “Oh!” She grimaced.

He crawled into the far back with a chuckle and pulled the seat into place.

“Go ahead, Zoe.” Gage held out his hand, gesturing her in.

She moved to the far side of the center bench. Gage folded himself in beside her.

A second Panther came over. “Hey, man.” He reached out and fist bumped Gage. “I heard you might be joining our team, dude. Did you think you’d get better cred if we saw you in action?”

“How am I doing?” Gage asked.

“So far, alive and kicking, and that’s about all anyone can ask. Ma’am, I’m Brian Ackerman.” He reached past Gage to shake her hand. “They call me Brainiack.” Brian, like the other Panthers, looked like he spent a good deal of time keeping his body finely tuned. His tactical jacket was unzipped. Underneath, his uniform compression shirt showed off his pecs and washboard abs. His eyes were sharp, and he wore an air of competence like a second skin. Gage would fit right in with these warriors.

“Zoe,” she said in a near whisper.

rsz_1rsz_img_3889_0066_edited-1ABOUT THE SERIES: If you like the rough and ready military-type. Meet the smart, capable women who love and work with the special operators at Iniquus in The LYNX series, UNCOMMON ENEMIES series—including WASP, and this summer, the STRIKE FORCE series.

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Canadian born, Fiona Quinn is now rooted in the Old Dominion outside of D.C. with her husband and four children. There, she homeschools, pops chocolates, devours books, and taps continuously on her laptop. Check her out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, or her website.


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