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TV Recap: Scream Queens 1×11 “Black Friday”

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This episode of Scream Queens was a strange one. It didn’t necessarily move stuff forward for the most part, but there were some interesting reveals about Pete and Grace and whatnot.

Spoilers ahead!

Can I just say how much I dislike Grace? Because I really, really do. She’s been SO self righteous and holier than thou all season—interspersed with random threats when she thought she might be Bath Tub Baby and again when she realized her mom was kind of a terrible person. Basically she pretends she’s this steadfast pillar of all things good, but the wind blows and suddenly she’s talking about killing Dean Munsch based on the sole evidence that the Dean killed her ex.

Seriously, NO ONE stopped to consider that the Red Devil is most likely the female twin to Boone’s male twin. We know that’s who it is, right? I mean, I’m pretty sure Gigi commented on the Red Devil killing “your brother.” I guess it’s possible that the Dean killed the real Red Devil and has been impersonating them but that seems…really convoluted. So everyone just ignores that blatant evidence and decides that killing Dean Munsch is the way to stop the OTHER killings. And Grace is heading this argument.

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Or she is until after the first attempt when she waffles like a big old waffler and decides that killing is bad and OMG WOE! And then gets kicked out of Kappa house—even Zayday (who has not gotten nearly enough screen time as far as I’m concerned) agrees with Chanel, which is saying something.

The Kappas then embark on a mission to kill the Dean, and it all just goes bizarrely wrong. I don’t know if there’s a legit explanation there or if like Hester says, the Dean is channeling old school slasher villains and is downright unkillable, but it’s weird.

There is a grand total of ONE Red Devil appearance, where he/she shows up on Black Friday (somehow) and shoots Chanel with an arrow. Well, Chanel and one of the new cops since the entire old homicide force got fired (WEIRD).

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Meanwhile, Pete is offered entry into the Dickie Dollar Scholars (which he apparently was aiming for in years previous), after being willed all Boone’s stuff upon his death. This makes Chad suspect that Pete and Boone were gay lovers (which would have been awesome, and really makes me wish this story had called for more Boone and Chad together, because Chad loved the hell out of Boone, and I really kind of think Boone dug him, too and no one can tell me otherwise). So yeah, Pete being Pete decides “Nah, I don’t want to be part of this group where everyone except Chad is dead (probably because Chad slept with at least one of the killers and they are having a hard time offing his hot bod)” and turns it down. Chad then challenges Pete to a duel and when Pete walks away, says he’s going to get “Murdered to death.”

Everyone is always threatening murder all the time.

We also find out that Boone was Pete’s informant and, based on his conversation at one point on the phone with what I can only assume is the other killer, he was also in contact with the second killer. He wants out, something about guilt, and lots of angst. I mean, I guess it would make sense that he’d feel guilty if he was getting information from people offing the sorority and fraternity people, but he doesn’t seem that sorry about it because he goes on a pretty epic rant while Grace is offering up what appears to be her virginity.

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There’s the big shocker moment where he’s like “You shouldn’t give yourself to a killer! You’re pure and good and blah blah blah.” Which ignores the fact that she literally just tried to kill Dean Munsch like a day or two ago. She’s about as pure as peed on snow. AHEM.

Because of how the Black Friday attack played out, I think we’re supposed to believe that none of the Chanels (including Hester) can be the girl Bath Tub Baby, but judging from Pete’s “confession” it’s possible that he was the one in the mask at the mall to provide an alibi for whichever Chanel the lady killer is (I’m still betting on #5).

We’re almost to the final unmasking, and I’m pretty interested to see how it all plays out.

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