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The Last Kingdom and Viking Romances!

The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories series, debuts on BBC America this week. It is set in the 9th century, and uses the backdrop of real characters from history to people the fictional leads’ stories. Like Vikings, it’s got King Alfred, Ragnar, and mixed loyalties.

Viking romances have been an underrepresented genre in historical romance, but there is plenty there for romance fans to find appealing:

  • Fierce warriors with interesting facial hair.
  • Viking women had more rights than other women during that time period. They could ask for divorce and inherit property.
  • Vikings were very concerned with hygiene.
  • They had kickass gods (Thor, anyone?)
  • They’re not afraid to go the distance — literally! They traveled huge distances to accomplish their goals.

If you haven’t read any Viking romance, there are some available for free from the EverAfter app:

  • Chelsea Chaynes’s Dominated by Vikings: Act 1
  • Lexy Timms’s Celtic Viking (Heart of the Battle Series #1)
  • Lacey Edward’s Bearly a Viking (with bonus paranormal shifter goodness).

Are you planning to watch The Last Kingdom? Do you like Viking romance? Any recommendations?

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