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Best Women's Erotica edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

We’re so excited to feature another book edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel! Best Women’s Erotica: Volume 2 lives up to exactly what we loved about Volume 1. Strong characters to go with your steamy scenes? We’re 100% on board. Which is why we’ve got a (not so safe for work) sneak peek below:

From “Wordless Surrender” by Janelle Reston

Allie couldn’t abide kneeling. She didn’t need a sub who sat quietly at her feet, hoping to be petted and waiting for her command.

She had a service dog for that.

Moreover, it was burdensome to converse with someone whose mouth was next to her knees. Lip-reading from that position gave her a crick in the neck, and signing at such close proximity made it difficult to look at a person’s face and also see what their hands were doing.

Bowing was another habit she trained out of her subs. Consent was important to her, and even when she wore hearing aids, it was difficult to discern the difference between yes and no if she couldn’t see the sub’s lips. A sub who insisted on looking at the floor and not at her face when she gave directions didn’t know the true meaning of surrender.

Marbeth, though—she was a sub through and through. For Marbeth, submission wasn’t about playing a role. It was about turning over her expectations, habits and desires in order to find a deeper truth. Marbeth hadn’t known a lick of sign language when Allie began working with her six months before. Now, simply because Allie had told her she should learn, she could carry on a full conversation without resorting to finger spelling more than a few times.

Sure, her movements had a stiffness and reserve that were the opposite of fluent, and sometimes she made facial expressions that inverted the meaning of the words she signed. But her willingness to learn and be corrected was beautiful. It reflected a capacity to yield in all things, to adapt to the will and pleasure of her key holder.

Allie left her hearing aids untouched on her dresser as she prepared for Marbeth’s visit. She opened the drawer where she kept new toys for her subs and pulled out a pair of leather handcuffs she’d purchased at the same time as Marbeth’s collar, but never used. Each thick black strap had a stainless steel buckle on one end. Midway along its length, a narrow, riveted band of leather held a shining steel ring. A short chain joined the ring of each cuff to the other, locked in place by a padlock matching the one on Marbeth’s collar.

Allie pictured the cuffs against Marbeth’s delicate wrists, dark bands slashing across pale skin. Arousal flushed through Allie’s labia. Marbeth was beautiful in black: the grip of the collar around her elegant neck, the caress of cuffs around her slim ankles, the embrace of a silken scarf against her lips.

Rachel K BrusselRachel Kramer Bussel regularly contributes to Refinery 29, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, and hosts readings around the country. A prolific erotica editor, as well as a much-in-demand sex educator, her titles include Come Agaon: Sex Toy Erotica, Spanked, He’s on Top, She’s on Top, Passion and Do Not Disturb. She lives in New Jersey.
Rachel can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, Instagram, and RachelKramerBussel.com.

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