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Guest Post: “Top Ten Gifts For The Guys In Your Life” by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Compromising Positions Jenna Bayley-Burke

Why, yes, I do have a new book out. But more importantly, I have holiday shopping to do. Lots of it. I’m one of those people who loves giving gifts, especially when I can find just the right thing. But you know the hardest people to shop for – DUDES! They’ve got everything they want, and everybody else will be getting them a funny tee or tie or gift box of something from the ‘For Men’ gift display. You could go that route, or you could try out one of these suggestions…

BEER CHOCOLATE! Yes, that is a thing. From my favorite Moonstruck Chocolates no less. They have a distillery series too. We’re all about our alcohol in Oregon. I think it’s all the rain.

TESLA COIL LIGHTER! It’s totally a thing, so cool, and he probably doesn’t have one. Dollars to doughnuts, he’s going to light something on fire within the hour.

TACTICAL PEN! Every man I’ve ever known has a part of him that wants to be McGyver. This will likely live forever in his glove box, but every time he sees it, he knows he’s prepared to be a hero.

CELL PHONE CAMERA LENS KIT! He would never buy it for himself, but he’s going to be playing with it as soon as he opens it. Holiday memories need to be recorded after all.

PARACORD KEY RING! I can hear you now, “Jenna, how is that exciting enough for an exclamation point?” Remember the McGyver thing? That.

LINER GLOVES! Guys have everything, including gloves they like. But liner gloves make their favorite gloves warmer. Plus, that different bit on the thumb? Absorbent enough to swipe a runny nose.

JERKY! This will make you smile is he’s actually a jerk. And for some reason, most guys can’t get enough of the stuff. This totally won’t work if he’s a vegan, BTW.

FLASH DRIVE! Trust me on this, he’s been meaning to buy one because his is full. Every damn time, that’s what they say. Dudes!

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY EXPANSION PACK! He has the game already. (Yes, he does. Really.) Go for one of theirs, or change it up with some of the themed ones.

FAVORS! This works for hubsters and boyfriends. You know what I mean. It’s what they want, it’s budget-friendly, and it is the holidays after all. Grab an Altoid and make it a little festive.

If you have a budget way bigger than mine, (or fewer brothers & nephews), go for a drone. He’ll break it before the week is out, but for a minute he’ll be thirteen again, but without the acne and braces.

Jenna Bayley-Burke is known for her fun, sexy romance novels, baking banana bread and over-volunteering. She thinks she has the best jobs in the world—mother, wife and author. When she’s not lost in her latest story, she can be found pursuing whatever hobby her characters are enamored with—photography, yoga, shoes, hard cider, Pinterest projects and cooking up a storm.

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