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Guest Post: “Romancing the Dragon” by Jamie K. Schmidt

The Queen's Flight Jamie K. Schmidt

Dragon Heart

Dragons have held a special place in my heart since I saw Pete’s Dragon as a child.  It was a story of an orphaned boy on the run from his abusive caregivers who ends up living in a lighthouse with his dragon protector.  I also collected Pocket Dragons by Real Musgrave.  They’re these cute little statues of sweet faced dragons getting into adventures.  If I were to become a dragon, these critters would be part of my hoard.  But what started me writing about dragons was the thought of it would be possible for an ancient creature that has seen millennia of humans come and go, would he be able to love a human woman, whose lifespan would be as short as a cat or dog’s life is to our own.

Could a dragon grow to love a human passionately as a mate?  Or would the relationship be more like an owner indulging cat or dog?

So I wrote the first book in my Emerging Queens series, The Queen’s Wings, with Carolyn as my heroine.  She was all human.  She had a crush on dragons like I did on Duran Duran, and my friends’ daughters have on One Direction.  Reed was all dragon and he hated humans.  They were annoying nuisances.  Even Carolyn – at first.  But a human isn’t like a dog or cat and Reed found out that Carolyn had the heart of a dragon and the soul of a human, which made him better for knowing her.  It didn’t hurt that Carolyn’s dragon hoard was books.  Books which helped her escape into another world when hers was too dim and gray to be in for any length of time.  Here are a few dragon books that are my favorite reads and would definitely be a part of Carolyn’s collection:

Thea Harrison’s Elder Race series

Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey Guardian novels

G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series

The next book in my Emerging Queens series is The Queen’s Flight. Viola has just shifted into a dragon now that the curse preventing female dragons to shift has been lifted.  She’s in danger and has managed to rope the one Queen-hating dragon stud on the planet to be her protector.  Sergei had been abused and tortured by the females of his species to the point that he was willing to kill for his freedom.  Yet, Viola, with her very human smile and kindness started to take root into his heart.  She is brave and wounded and has baggage from the men in her life.  But she refuses to see Sergei as the bad guy.  Soon, he begins to see himself through her eyes.  Viola’s dragon hoard is yarn.  She can’t pass up the opportunity to go into a yarn store and fondle the soft hanks of alpaca or bison.  She hasn’t knit Sergei a boyfriend sweater yet, because of the curse.  All knitters know that if you knit your boyfriend a sweater, you run the risk of dooming your relationship.  But she did knit him a scarf.  For me, I’d prefer to knit wrist warmers.  They’re quicker to do and don’t really require a pattern.  Here’s how Viola would make them.

Find yarn you love and feels good next to your skin.  Get the appropriate knitting needles to go with it.  Start by casting on ten stitches.  Hold the needle with the stitches on them up to your arm and see how it measures up.  You want the wrist warmers to fit from your knuckles to your mid forearm.  Keep adding on stitches until you get the right length.  It could be anywhere from 15 to 25 or more stitches depending on the thickness of your yarn and how tight your stitches are.  Then knit until the rectangle can wrap snugly around your arm.  Cast off.  Sew the long ends of the rectangle together, leaving a hole big enough for your thumb to go through.  After skipping the section for your thumb, sew the rest together.  Make a duplicate for the other arm and you’re all set to go.

Happy reading and happy knitting!

USA Today bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt, writes erotic contemporary love stories and paranormal romances. Her Club Inferno series from Random House’s Loveswept line has hit both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble top one hundred lists. She has two other series with Loveswept: Hawaii Heat, in which the first book Life’s A Beach will be out in January 2016, and The Sentinels of Babylon, about members of vigilante Motorcycle Club and their old ladies, which is scheduled for early 2017. The Queen’s Wings, the first book in her paranormal romance series from Entangled Publishing has had excellent reviews on Goodreads and book two, The Queen’s Flight will be released November 2015.  Partnered with New York Times bestselling author and former porn actress, Jenna Jameson, Jamie’s hardcover debut, SPICE, continues Jenna’s FATE trilogy.

An avid knitter and jewelry maker, Jamie is never bored.  She can often be found with a mug of tea on the computer flanked by her little dogs & fluffy white cat.  You can follow her on Twitter or on her author page on Facebook. When she’s not writing or crafting, Jamie loves playing games, everything from board games to strategy card games, console and online MMORPGs.

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