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Guest Post: “Paranormal Heroes” by N.J. Walters

Drakon's Promise N.J. Walters

I’m a writer, but I am also a reader. I love to curl up with a good book and lose myself in a story. Like any reader, I have my favorite heroes. They’re usually the emotionally or physically wounded, the anti-heroes, those tough men who don’t believe they could ever be anyone’s hero. Flawed and sometimes broken, they nevertheless stand head and shoulders above the usual leading men.

There are far too many to list them all, but here are five of my favorite paranormal romance heroes.

  1. Rhage from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I admit that I put off reading this series when it first came out because the blurb from the first book just didn’t hook me. But it kept getting such great reviews I ended up reading the first three books one after another, and I fell in love with the brotherhood, but most especially with Rhage. He’s handsome, but it’s not his looks that drew me in. It was his tortured soul and his huge capacity for love. How can you not love a vampire who can morph into a purple dragon to save the people he loves?
  1. Kaleb Krychek from Nalini Singh’s Heart of Obsidian. I was a huge fan of her Guild Hunter series, but had never read any of her Psy-Changeling series. Then I read about Heart of Obsidian and bought it, even though it meant starting in the middle of a series. Kaleb is arguably the most dangerous man on the planet. The only person he ever loved was kidnapped and it has taken him years to find her. The ones who took her from him will pay, even if it means he has to lay waste to the world.

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Guest Post: “If My Life Were a Romance Novel…” by Ashlyn Chase

My Wild Irish Dragon Ashlyn Chase

If my life were a romance novel, it would have to be in the chic-lit subgenre. I used to say my life was one big romantic comedy—or more accurately, the blooper reel! Fortunately, I’m now living my happily-ever-after, but it was wild ride to get here!

I won’t go all the way back to my ‘too young to know what I was doing’ marriage. At least I got an adorable daughter out of it.

I’d probably start with the guy who helped me pick up the pieces after that. Too bad I was in no mood for anything serious. He would have been a good guy to wind up with—and he had a boat. But no, for a few years there, I sabotaged anything that looked like it might be appropriate.

For instance, I was the Monday morning entertainment before the shift change at my hospital. (I was an RN in a psychiatric hospital.) And you thought the patients were crazy… Another unit always invited me over for lunch to hear my latest weekend escapades (i.e. dating disasters.) That is, until I began dating the head nurse’s son! No more lunch invites. They didn’t want to know…

Later, he told me his mother tried to warn him away from me. She called me a ‘heartbreaker.’ Heartbreaker? Me? I thought I was always the one getting my heart broken. Well, it was shortly after that that I met the guy I call Mr. Amazing. My wonderful husband of 22+ years. Sorry, head nurse’s son…you knew it wouldn’t last. Didn’t you? Your mother sure did.

So, anyway…my wonderful husband and I were set-up (without our knowledge.) A mutual friend tried to get us to agree to a blind date, knowing we’d be perfect for each other. We both refused.

Not one to be discouraged, she planned a ‘night out dancing.’ That wasn’t unusual. What was unique about this time, however, was that instead of ‘the gang’ showing up, it was just she and her boyfriend, Mr. Amazing and me. They picked us both up, so we met in their back seat, checked each other out, and thought, Hmmm…

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: I DREAM OF DRAGONS by Ashlyn Chase

I Dream of Dragons Ashlyn Chase

We’re thrilled to bring you this little taste of Ashlyn Chase’s I Dream of Dragons! This brilliant piece of paranormal romance is out April 5th, 2016!


“What the hell?” Rory picked himself up off the floor beside his bed, rubbing his sore hip. Three little men dressed in green clothing stood by his bedroom door. One of them looked angry and one of them was trying not to snigger. The other seemed like a neutral party with his hands in his pockets.

“Rory Arish. You’re being charged with theft,” the angry one said.

Rory blinked and stared at the little men. “Theft, is it? What is it I’m accused of stealin’?”

“Me gold. All of it.”

Rory scratched his head. It was early morning and he’d really like to give his balls a good scratch through his athletic pants, but not in front of these relative strangers.

“Lucky, is it?” he asked, trying to put names to their faces.

“If you’re talkin’ about me name, it’s Clancy. Lucky is me brother.” The man with his hands in his pockets withdrew one and waved at him. “If you’re talkin’ about your day, I’d say this is the unluckiest of your whole long life.”

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Guest Post: “Romancing the Dragon” by Jamie K. Schmidt

The Queen's Flight Jamie K. Schmidt

Dragon Heart

Dragons have held a special place in my heart since I saw Pete’s Dragon as a child.  It was a story of an orphaned boy on the run from his abusive caregivers who ends up living in a lighthouse with his dragon protector.  I also collected Pocket Dragons by Real Musgrave.  They’re these cute little statues of sweet faced dragons getting into adventures.  If I were to become a dragon, these critters would be part of my hoard.  But what started me writing about dragons was the thought of it would be possible for an ancient creature that has seen millennia of humans come and go, would he be able to love a human woman, whose lifespan would be as short as a cat or dog’s life is to our own.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn