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Guest Post: “Manwhore vs. THOT” by Naima Simone

Only For You Naima Simone

As a serious, unapologetic “Hell no to rehab” read-a-holic, I’ve devoured a lot of books in the last two months. And I’ve DNF’d at last three of them with a piercing, DIE NOW! scream. Why? All for the same reason: a cheating hero.

There seems to be a trend of heroes who have sex with other women in books aside from the heroine. Now, I’m not talking about a “manwhore.” Because I actually love a good manwhore hero. These are the men who, in the beginning of the book, screw anything breathing, walking and hot. They’re single, have a very high sex drive, know what to do with their equipment, and aaaaall the women want to know what he’s working with. Usually, there’s a reason behind his manwhorish ways. Fear of commitment, hurt in the past, chasing demons, seeking oblivion or just plain ol’ loves being buried deep in a woman and finds no shame in it. Manwhores are a delicious draw because they’re never disrespectful even if they freely admit no woman can ever entice them past one night of the most incredible sex they can enjoy together. Most importantly though—they are redeemable. The reader goes in knowing this hero may get around but it’s only because he hasn’t found the right woman yet. The woman who will render all others nameless and faceless. The woman who will be his world, his everything and satisfies not just his lust, but the heart that didn’t even know it was seeking a lifelong, profound, healing connection.

The flip side of that man is a THOT.

A That Ho Over There.

Lately, I’ve read books with their fair share of THOTs. Sounds harsh, I know, but true. Look, we read romance for flawed but honorable, loyal, honest heroes. If we wanted men who couldn’t keep their johnsons in their pants, then we could easily just turn on Maury Povich or Cheaters. There is nothing sexy or wonderful about a man who’s led by his small head rather than his big one. Either way, disloyalty and infidelity makes him an ick-day. Cheating should never be a plot twist—unless the story was written for Snapped, Wives with Knives or Deadly Women.

So the burning question is, how do you know if the hero is a manwhore or a THOT? You’ve come to the right place since I’ve given this some serious thought.

Your hero is a THOT if…

  • …he didn’t mean for his junk to end up in his ex’s or some random’s mouth or nether regions, but “it just happened.” Because, you know, she wouldn’t leave him alone, and how could he say no once she put her hand down his pants? And what makes him even more of THOT? He either decides to lie about the indescretion and let the random or skankish ex make the big reveal to the heroine, devastating her. Or he eventually ‘fesses up and expects the heroine to understand. And you know what? The heroine usually does. I just want to karate chop everyone… Like Bruce Leroy-straight-to-the-throat karate chop…

  • …he acknowledges his feelings for the heroine but still continues to screw around. There are a few exceptions to this rule. For instance, the best friends-to-lovers trope. The hero may know he loves his friend, but a sexual relationship between them would be doomed for whatever reason (he knows he’s unable to commit; he doesn’t believe himself capable or worthy of love, etc.) and he would ultimately lose the most precious relationship he has. Since he’s not willing to lose her, he chooses to keep their friendship until he just can’t. A perfect example of this is Katy Evans’ Ladies Man. But this veers into THOT-ish behavior when the hero either knows he has feelings for the heroine, or even that there’s something special about her that just draws him and culls her from the herd of other women, and yet… He can’t disappoint the ladies! He realizes that she is “the one,” and yes, there are obstacles in their path to Happily Ever After, but still that chick over there just flashed her boobs, and he’s a T&A man…

*…he is an emotional ho. Yes, it’s a thing. It looks something like this. Hero has an ex or a really, really persistent random who just refuses to recognize that the heroine is in the picture. For whatever reason—could be he and the ex share a complicated past or he considers the random a nuisance not worth his attention—he will not check the other woman. This girl sneers, utters snide comments, puts the heroine down and disrespects her, and the hero? Well, he makes excuses for the wench or tells the heroine to just ignore her. He doesn’t stick up for his woman, instead he punks out, is disloyal, isn’t a protector, and in turn condones his heroine being mistreated… He’s an emotional THOT! But the hugest mystery is WHY DOES THE HEROINE PUT UP WITH IT??? Why yes, I did yell… And I’m feeling that urge to karate chop again…

…he arranges a ménage and it ain’t even that kind of party! It’s one thing for a hero to realize that his woman has a kinky desire to be pleasured by two men, and he fulfills that desire. Hey, some people roll like that, and the focus is on her. Her pleasure. But it’s a whoooole ‘notha deal when the hero approaches the heroine with an ex-side chick or the sexy stripper in tow wanting to “push her sexual boundaries.” Translation, he wants to get his freaky-sneaky on, and it’s aaaalll about him. The heroine didn’t ask about a menage, hell, it wasn’t even in her vocabulary until he told her she really wanted one, she just didn’t know it. *side eye This is not only THOT-ish behavior, it makes him a douche.

In Only For You, Book 3 in the Lick series, and my new release from Entangled Publishing’s blazing hot Scorched line, my hero Killian Vincent is a manwhore. Admittedly. He faced some serious demons in his life, and he controls them with two things: fighting and f**king. But there’s one woman—the woman who betrayed him and sent him to hell in a cage for two years—who he’s never been able to pry from his heart…no matter how hard he’s tried. And that woman is the only one capable of quieting the screams…and satisfying ever dark, dirty desire he has…

So what do you think? Did I nail it? No pun intended. Okay, maybe intended just a little bit…

Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown, and Linda Howard many years ago. Well, not that many. She is only eighteen…ish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading, and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days—and nights—creating stories of unique men and women who experience the first bites of desire, the dizzying heights of passion, and the tender, healing heat of love.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bulletproof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically challenged bliss in the southern United States.

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  1. Donna Antonio

    I won’t read a cheater either. The emotional cheater drives me nuts. If you would rather be with someone else then don’t waste my time or play with my heart.

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