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Guest Post: Love In an Elevator with Kerri Carpenter

Flirting With The Competition Kerri Carpenter

Thanks for having me here today! I’m so excited to announce that my contemporary novella, Flirting with the Competition, is on sale this week. In Flirting with the Competition, Whitney and Jordan get stuck in an elevator on their way to a really important job interview. Even worse, they are competing for the same dream job. Okay, I had to make things even worse than that…they hated each other before they stepped into the elevator.


So that got me thinking. If I had to be stuck in an elevator, who would I like to spend some time with? Well, there’s any of the Chris’s – Pine, Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt. You get the picture. But what about being stuck with someone famous who is no longer with us? Wouldn’t that make for an interesting story? Without further ado, here are the top five famous/dearly-departed people I’d like to be stuck with on an elevator.

Alfred Hitchcock

I adore Hitchcock movies so I can’t resist the opportunity to spend some time with the Master of Suspense. I’ve read that he was quite the prankster too so that might provide for an entertaining couple of hours. Or perhaps some very creepy hours. Either way, I’m too curious to say no.

Elizabeth Taylor

Liz is fabulous and I’d love to hear all about her love life and exploits. Who wouldn’t! I’d also like her to bring all of her jewelry so I can try everything on while we wait for the elevator to work again. Naturally, there will be many, many selfies and a possible hashtag. #BedazzledwithLiz

Anne Boleyn

I am fascinated with Anne Boleyn. She was such a smart lady for her time and somehow managed to enchant a king… well, until that went sour. In any case, I’d like to hear her account of being Henry VIII’s second wife and I’d also like to tell her about the TV show The Tudors.

Paul Walker

Do I really need to explain this one? One word: YUM!

Jane Austen

I have a lot I’d like to ask Jane Austen. Something tells me she had a pretty good sense of humor. It would also be nice for her to proofread my latest novel. Actually… I get a little nervous just thinking of that. But I’d still share a cup of tea with her.

Did you like my list? Have a list of your own? Dead or alive, tell me in the comments who you’d like to be stuck with on an elevator. And don’t forget to grab a copy of Flirting with the Competition, which is free – that’s right, FREE – through February 7. Also, Entangled Publishing’s entire Lovestruck line is on sale through February 21. Check out all of the fun and flirty titles here.

About Flirting with the Competition

Under normal circumstances, Whitney March might have appreciated sharing an elevator with a ridiculously attractive and clearly wealthy guy. Even enjoyed it. But when her companion turns out to be the man who almost ran her over in parking garage moments earlier? Nope and nope. Besides, she’s on her way to a job interview at a prestigious law firm, and she needs to stay focused. Not staring at the rich and sexy jerk.

Then the elevator comes to an abrupt stop. They’re stuck.

Jordan Campbell has every intention of acing the interview for his dream job, and he’s not about to let anything stop him. Not even the sexy, capable, and fiery woman who turns out to be his main competitor he’s trapped with. The only thing they have in common is determination to get the job…and an escalating attraction. And it’s only a matter of time before these competitors indulge in a very sexy little connection between floors.

Award-winning romance author Kerri Carpenter writes contemporary romances for Entangled Publishing that are sweet, sexy, and sparkly. Her next release, Tempting Mr. Wrong, book 2 in the Wrong Man series, will be out in March 2016. Kerri enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and mischievous) rescued poodle mix, Harry. Visit Kerri at her website, on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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