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Guest Post: Linda Broday on the Stellar HEA of TEXAS REDEMPTION

Texas Redemption Linda Broday

Sometimes a story comes along that sets you back on your heels and makes you think about how fate (or God if you will) often gives you a second chance. This story was Texas Redemption and it showed me just how strong the power of love is. And how much you ache when it’s a love you can’t claim.

This is the kind of story that ties your stomach in knots and you see no way to a HEA. But hold on. Don’t give up.

Brodie Yates (Shenandoah) first met Laurel James during the Civil War in a brothel. She was only fifteen or sixteen but they fell in love. He promised to go back and get her but the war got in the way. Then at war’s close, he’s hunted for being an infamous rebel spy. Laurel waited for him but had to conclude that he’d either been killed—or that he didn’t want her.

Desperate to escape the brothel where she’d been taken at fifteen after being kidnapped, she enlists the help of the cook. They make their way to Redemption, Texas where she can hide from those who are looking to take her back. Her family lives near but she’s too ashamed to go to them. Even though it wasn’t her doing, her soul is stained. She and her friend open a café and she becomes engaged to the town mayor. She burns with determination to find redemption and respectability.

The book opens with Brodie going home to Redemption where he’ll make a final stand. He’s tired of running. Before going to see his brother, he stops in at the café to eat and runs into Laurel. Immediate sparks fly, as well as accusations, and the love they’d known before flares to life with such intensity.

Only Laurel is now engaged to his brother, Murphy Yates.

Neither want to hurt Murphy so they find themselves in an impossible situation. This book is full of twists and turns amid danger and suspense, fighting a love they can’t have.

Here’s the climate of the story to help you understand. During reconstruction in Texas following the war, soldiers are everywhere. Military occupation frays nerves and makes everyone jumpy. Add to that, there’s a military stockade a short distance away from Redemption where they’re putting everyone who played roles in the war—not only the ones who fought, but also the business owners who supplied the rebels with guns, food, you name it. So Brodie has stepped into a hornet’s nest.

If you like stories where the HEA seems an impossibility, where you ache for the hero and heroine, and where love thrives despite it all, Texas Redemption is for you.

Step back in time with Brodie and Laurel for an unforgettable love story.

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I live in the Texas Panhandle on land they call the Llano Estacado where the Native Americans once roamed. History is so thick here with the ghosts of the people who settled this land. I love writing western historical romance and can’t imagine writing anything else. I love a man in a Stetson and tight pants. Cowboys also get me fired up.

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