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Exclusive Excerpt: I DREAM OF DRAGONS by Ashlyn Chase

I Dream of Dragons Ashlyn Chase

We’re thrilled to bring you this little taste of Ashlyn Chase’s I Dream of Dragons! This brilliant piece of paranormal romance is out April 5th, 2016!


“What the hell?” Rory picked himself up off the floor beside his bed, rubbing his sore hip. Three little men dressed in green clothing stood by his bedroom door. One of them looked angry and one of them was trying not to snigger. The other seemed like a neutral party with his hands in his pockets.

“Rory Arish. You’re being charged with theft,” the angry one said.

Rory blinked and stared at the little men. “Theft, is it? What is it I’m accused of stealin’?”

“Me gold. All of it.”

Rory scratched his head. It was early morning and he’d really like to give his balls a good scratch through his athletic pants, but not in front of these relative strangers.

“Lucky, is it?” he asked, trying to put names to their faces.

“If you’re talkin’ about me name, it’s Clancy. Lucky is me brother.” The man with his hands in his pockets withdrew one and waved at him. “If you’re talkin’ about your day, I’d say this is the unluckiest of your whole long life.”

The red haired man who’d been trying not to laugh moved his hand, uncovering his short, red beard. “Nobody steals from Leprechauns and gets away with it—no matter how big you are.”

Rory sighed. “There’s been some kind of misunderstandin’. I haven’t stolen anyone’s gold—or anythin’ else for that matter. Do you see anythin’ worth stealin’ here?” He spread his arms wide and swiveled, indicating the whole sparsely furnished room.

He and his sisters had moved to the caretaker’s cottage from the crumbling castle on the cliffs a few months ago. They hadn’t changed much about it since the caretakers themselves had lived and died there.

“Move your arse, Dragon.” The angry one said. “March me to my gold!”

“I will not march anywhere,” Rory said. “Especially when I don’t know where your feckin’ gold is.”

Clancy balled his fists.

The gleeful one muttered, “Oh, that did it.”

“Be quiet, Shamus,” Clancy snapped, then he focused his attention on Rory again. “Mr. Arish. I’m trying to be reasonable, but I’m not a patient man. Now, admit what you did and rectify the situation, or we’ll be forced to end the treaty between our people.”

Rory’s sisters, clad only in their nightgowns, appeared in the doorway behind the little people. Well…behind and over them. Even at five-feet five or six, the girls were easily twice the size of a leprechaun.

“What’s goin’ on here?” his sister Chloe mumbled as she rubbed the sleep out of her green eyes.

“Apparently I’m bein’ accused of a crime I did not commit,” Rory said.

His youngest sister, Shannon, piped up. “Crime? What crime?”

Clancy whirled on the girls. “Mayhaps one of you took me gold. We don’t know if it was your brother or not, but it had to be the work of a dragon. Who else would have the strength to move it?”

Rory rubbed his forehead. “Now wait a minute. Me sisters didn’t steal anythin’ either.”

Clancy pointed a finger at Rory. “Then you admit it! It was you!”

“I admit nothin’.” Rory’s annoyance was growing now. Sure, wake me up. Accuse me of something I didn’t do. But don’t go pointing fingers at my sisters!

“It could have been any one of you…or all of you, colludin’ together. The punishment will be meted out to each and every one until somebody confesses.”

“Punishment?” Chloe laughed. “I’d like to see you try.”

Oh, shite. That was probably the worst thing she could have said, but leave it to Chloe to poke the beast. Even though they came in pint-sized packages, leprechauns possessed some powerful magic. She either didn’t remember the treaty since it was signed when she was so young, or she didn’t believe they held the power to protect or expose them. But how else could their castle in the cliffs have remained hidden from humans for all these centuries?

Clancy narrowed his eyes at the three of them. Finally he said, “You leave me no choice! You will march to the cliffs—now. If one of you doesn’t confess to the crime before you get there, I will cast you into the ocean and ban you from ever setting foot in Ireland again! In fact, you’ll be banned from all of the United Kingdom!”

“Ha!” Chloe said. “Nobody’s goin’ anywhere.”

Ashlyn Chase is the award-winning author of many paranormal and erotic romance titles, including the Strange Neighbors series, Immortally Yours, Dear Sexy Lexie, and Demolishing Mr. Perfect. She lives in New Hampshire.

Ashlyn can be found on Twitter, Goodreads, and AshlynChase.com.

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