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Aural Pleasures: “The Magic of the Sexy Mix Tape/Playlist” by Harper Kincaid

Girl Breaker Harper Kincaid

Confession time: I’m one of those chicks.

I’m the type that, when you compile a playlist for me, I’m going to analyze the fa-shizzle out of it. Admittedly, being married for as long as I have, I don’t get many dedicated playlists anymore (don’t worry, he’s a man of many other talents – ahem).

So I make them for myself.

I compile playlists for each season of the year. I make playlists when I’m on vacation, so I can remember exactly how I felt while experiencing the away-game-happy. And I design playlists for the people I diggity-dig. Sometimes they actually know about them – oftentimes, not so much.

When I’m trying to write a steamy scene, I admit I have some go-to songs in my archives, but I’m also constantly on the look-out for new ones to add (got any suggestions?).

Writing Girl Breaker, the last novel of my Break on Through series, was definitely an adventure and having the right music certainly enabled good girl, Jessica, and rough-around-the-edges biker, ‘Mad’ Max, to find their way to each other. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts and I was tickled hot pink to sit back and watch them do their thing.

10. “Pictures” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

I’m all about the slow build when it comes to my music mixes. This is a great one to play for the long, lingering gazes and breath hitches before the first kiss. Yeah.

  1. “High by the Beach” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

Okay, gotta admit: I have a smidgen of a girl crush on the redheaded songstress. She’s just so friggin’ cool, I can’t stand it. I haven’t gotten high by the beach in years, but if Lana wants to, I am soooo there.

  1. “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

True confession time: when I really liked a guy and he ended up in my dorm room or apartment, this song was always on the mix I’d play while we were fooling around. And I’d half-whisper/half-sing the words in his ear in between kisses and touches.

Got them every time.

So this one had to make the list. For old times’ sake 🙂

  1. “Where I Want to Go” by Roo Panes

Roo PainesOkay, so um…yeah…he’s the Burberry man. His mug and his music were part of one of their recent campaigns and to that I say Brav-o. He’s yummy and his music is soulful and sexy and layered. Download all his stuff. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. “Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry

Originally featured in the film, 9 ½ Weeks (based on a true story…yes, really), this song screams seduction and sex. And is one of my favorites of all times. I fall in love whenever I hear it play.

  1. “Destiny” by Zero 7

Zero 7

Most of us learned about Zero 7 through Zack Braff’s seminal-cool, quarter-life crisis-inspired Garden State soundtrack – and I’m no exception. The rest of you have heard of them, but don’t even know it. Start paying attention to the background music at either your urban lounge hang or during the next car commercial and I guarantee you’ll hear it. That all said? I swear it’s uber sexy music…I swear!

  1. “Victory” by PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey

This is the song you want playing when you want to quicken your pace, if you get what I mean. It’s hard and primal and makes you yearn to have your head pound against the headboard.

  1. “There, There” by Radiohead


Okay, so the lyrics aren’t particularly sexy, but the drumbeat sure is. Play this when you’re getting close to the big finish.

  1. “Stay with Me” by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone

The brother-sister neo-folk duo are from Australia and sure sound purty, don’t they? They are masters at stripping down covers to their bare bones and perfect for the post-big-O-cool-down.

  1. “Such Great Heights” by Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine

Hey, it’s Jesus!

Actually, no. It’s Samuel “Sam” Ervin Beam from Iron and Wine, but I bet he gets that a lot.

Okay, so that nonsense aside, this is the song you play after the two of you have finished and you’re cuddling together. If you’re into that sort of thing. Another example of where the remake was even better than the original (by The Postal Service). If finding your soul mate were in a melody, this one would be it.

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Harper KincaidA woman with the heart of a revolutionary,

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Born in California and raised in South Florida, Harper Kincaid has moved around like a gypsy with a bounty on her head ever since. Along the way, she has worked as a community organizer,  an art teacher, a popular blogger, and a crisis counselor (to name a few). All the while, longing to have the guts and follow-through to do what she really wanted: to write and become a published author. That wish has finally come true and she’s tickled hot pink.

When not writing, she adores listening to indie, lo-fi, complaint rock played on vinyl,  the theater, well-informed optimism, happy endings (both kinds), and making those close to her laugh ’til they snort. She is a self-admitted change junkie, loving new experiences and places, but has now happily settled in the cutest lil’ town, Vienna, Virginia.

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