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Guest Post: “Why We Love Highlanders” by Amanda Forester

The Highlander's Bride Amanda Forester

Amanda Forester’s The Highlander’s Bride has one of our favorite things, and–spoiler–it’s not the bride portion of the book, although we’re sure she’s a lovely heroine. Thanks to Amanda for sharing her thoughts on why highlanders rank so high (sorry!) on readers’ lists. 

Hello all! Do you love Highland heroes as much as me? The kilts, the accents, oh I just can’t get enough. I enjoyed reading Scottish romances so much I had to start penning them myself! My latest Highlander novel, The Highlander’s Bride, set in 14th Century Scotland has just been released to some great reviews – 4½ stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews and a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly! So clearly I’m not the only one who loves me a man in a kilt, but why?

Why do we love Highlander heroes so much?

Never fear, I have five reasons why I think we just can’t get enough of those burly Highland heroes!

1) Freedom! – Highlanders are fiercely independent. They will fight for their freedom to their dying breath—and in Scottish history have done so—on more than one occasion! You have to admire folks with that much determination for their own autonomy. Highlanders live by their own rules, set their own code of honor, and fight to defend their freedom!

2) The Kilt – When you think of a Highlander, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are you are envisioning a man in a kilt…and depending on your frame of mind, possibly what is under the kilt! Either way, the tartan is an iconic image forever linked to the Highlander.

3) Burly and Brawny – Return now to your image of the Highlander in a kilt. He’s a big man, am I right? I’m not sure if all Highlanders are built on a large scale, but these are men who work hard, play hard, and I’m pretty sure have rock hard muscles to show for it.

4) The Accent – Seriously, I could listen to a Scottish burr all day. I used to have a co-worker who was from Scotland and I would make up questions so I could call him and get him to talk. No one could quote a government regulation like him!

5) Loyal – The iconic Highlander is honorable to his clan and will fight to defend them and his land. In our current hectic and sometimes morally ambiguous world, it is admirable to find a man of his word, who remains true no matter the cost.

In The Highlander’s Bride, I met Highland warrior, Sir Gavin Patrick, who I like to think embodies all these characteristics. It is 1359 in medieval France and all Gavin wants is to get back to his native Scotland. But before he can leave the battlefields of France, he is tricked into becoming honor bound to escort Lady Marie Colette to her fiancé in Scotland. Under no circumstances is he to lay hands on the beautiful, clever-tongued heiress…no matter how desperate the temptation. Forced to pose as a married couple to make their escape, Gavin and Colette find themselves thrown into peril…and each other’s arms. As the danger mounts, so does their forbidden passion. When Colette is taken from him, Gavin must choose—will he jeopardize his honor, defy his promise, and fight to win her back?

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Why do you think people are drawn to Highland heroes?

Amanda Forester holds a PhD in psychology and worked many years in academia before discovering that writing historical romance was way more fun. A Publishers Weekly Top Ten author, her books have been given starred reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and a Top Pick from RT Book Reviews. Whether in the rugged Highlands of medieval Scotland or the decadent ballrooms of Regency England, her novels offer fast-paced adventures filled with wit, intrigue, and romance. You can visit her at

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