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Guest Post: Roxy Mews on Tiny Houses and Romance

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Itty bitty super small teeny tiny houses. The “Tiny House” phenomenon hit my radar a couple years ago when I was looking for ways utilize every square inch of the house I currently live in.

My family is bursting at the seams of my home, and I was looking for ways to carve out an office space for myself. It all started with a search for a fold away desk.

Then I fell down the Pinterest pit. (If you want to see how far down the rabbit hole I fell, check out my “Tiny” boards.) Then I went to YouTube and didn’t emerge for days. I scared the crap out of my husband. He’s seen me fall down research holes before, but this one was different. I couldn’t stop.

Funny thing was, I wasn’t looking to write a book about it, I was just fascinated. So like every other writer I know, when something overwhelms my brain, I had to put the knowledge to use. I grabbed a paper and pen and started jotting down ideas.

My Tiny Houses, Big Hearts series erupted from my brain and landed on a pad of paper from one of my favorite authors. Then I put it aside. For all of ten minutes before I opened up a new document and started writing.

I adore the forced proximity trope in romances, and if there is one thing tiny houses have in abundance, it’s forced proximity! Of course they also have fold away furniture, bedrooms you have to climb a ladder, or tiny stairs to get to, and storage in every nook and cranny. I was in love.

Every home on wheels has its limits. Not only in space, but weight and the ability to travel. The homeowners have to find overwhelming value of every item in their space. There are many things we all tend to buy because we want them, but when a person only has two hundred and fifty square feet or less to occupy, everything has to serve multiple purposes.

The things these tiny housers bring into their homes as decoration or memorabilia is so infinitely precious to them that they are giving up something else to have it there. I love that.

In my book, Love Shack, I wanted to follow a woman who is giving herself the life she always wanted filled with memories and community. She just doesn’t want the pressure of all the “stuff” she had before to block out the beauty of burning her favorite candle and dancing around her kitchen. I wanted to bring out the spirit of finding the things that really matter and making them a priority above creature comforts.

Add in one reluctant banker who has to share a small space and one bedroom, and well…it is a Romance after all.

Living in a tiny space is not for everyone, and my hero, Brandon, shows us that right away. He’s not the type to live uncomfortably. Basically, Brandon is me. If I could have a luxurious apartment in the city with a designer and a cleaning crew, and all I’d have to do is come home from work and enjoy it, I’d never need a vacation. But just like Brandon, I also found someone who made me rethink things just a little.

I hope I have captured some of what I love about the tiny houses. People can create a happy home anywhere, and I adore that this tiny house movement is allowing people to carve out exactly what they need in this world, and cut out the rest.

I’m packing boxes to move as I type this up. My own small house isn’t going to be mine much longer. And let me tell you, when you pack up a house full of stuff after living in a space for fourteen years, the minimalism of tiny house living sounds even more appealing. An attic accumulates some scary stuff when you pass that decade mark.

We’re taking on some huge projects in our next home, but we’re excited. There may even be a tiny office in my future. I have plenty of research to draw from.

Tiny House living is not for everyone, and I know some people are going to balk at the idea of finding a happily ever after in only two hundred and fifty square feet. But I can’t wait to share my Tiny Houses, Big Hearts project with all of you. I hope I can help you fall in love with these characters, and I hope you’ll enjoy taking a tiny journey with me in Love Shack.

Roxy MewsRoxy Mews wrote her first story at age six on an electric typewriter. It was about a cat and a haunted house. Thankfully, her stories and technology have matured since then. Now Roxy spends her days fighting the evil day job in hopes of conquering the stories that run rampant in her head when she comes home at night. When she discovered Erotic Romance, Roxy fell in love. She can’t wait to share all her fun and sexy stories with everyone.

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