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Q&A: Tessa Bailey of WOUND TIGHT

Wound Tight Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey is here, and she’s brought exactly what we needed to veg out to after a long day of work: Movies. So many great movies. Tune in for an awesome chat with a fantastic author (and phenomenal lady) and don’t miss her latest M/M Romance, Wound Tight, out today!

What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

Oooh! This is going to be fun. Here they are in no particular order!

Silver Linings Playbook: The romance between Pat and Tiffany hits me really hard every time. The progression of it, the arguing, the blowups, the moments of connection culminating in the dance contest. All of it was perfect to me.

Safety Not Guaranteed: Man puts out an ad asking for someone to help accompany him to the past in his time machine. Journalist (Aubrey Plaza) answers the ad. I won’t ruin the ending, but I dare you not to cheer when it happens. It’s amazing.

Love and Basketball: I played varsity basketball for four years in high school and whenever we rode the bus to away games, we huddled together and watched this. It’s a gorgeous movie. The couple has a lot of bumps along the way but their love wins. Young Omar Epps, you guys. Get in on this.

Bridesmaids: To me, there are two romances in this film. And my favorite is between Annie and Lillian (her best friend). It’s such a realistic portrayal of friendship between women (like, apart from the pooping in the street). The romance between Annie and Rhodes, the Irish cop, does not hurt, either.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Drawing from the Well of Soul” by Amy Lane

Summer Lessons Amy Lane

Once upon a time, I was seven years old. My parents had just split up, my dad didn’t get back from work for a couple of hours, and the rule was, I didn’t go out and play unless he was home and knew where I’d gone. Our television was black and white and back then, we got two hours of child friendly programming before the news came on and that was it. (Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, The Brady Bunch—this is why everyone my age loves those shows.) I was lonely, bored, and probably hungry.

I wrote.

Not with a pen and paper, or, even better, a computer (God, what I could have done with a computer!) but by sitting my stuffed animals in a circle around me on the floor and telling them a story. They were a very good audience, except for the stuffed dog who kept falling over.

Didn’t matter. I wrote.

Several years later in a different time, I was a young-ish mother who had lost her job and had two children under two on a six-acre spread in a drafty house in the middle of nowhere. My son had a communication handicap, my husband worked and went to school eighty hours a week, and I had no car.

I wrote.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Magnetic Couples” by Santino Hassell

Interborough Santino Hassell

Some of my favorite couples are magnetic—drawn to each other despite being opposites. Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, Simon and Alisha on Misfits, Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars, and many more. These couples usually have the most interesting relationship dynamics, the funniest banter, and the best buildup of unresolved sexual tension.

I strove to hit those goals with my characters in the Five Boroughs and especially with Raymond and David, the main characters in Sunset Park and my upcoming novel Interborough. Interborough picks up a year after Sunset Park leaves off, and shows the boys working through problems that have arisen in their relationship due to the constant stress of external issues (work, money, family). My goal with Interborough was to show they could make it for the long run, but also to get more of those fan favorite Rayvid moments.

If you’ve forgotten their dynamics, or have never read these characters before, this is a highlight reel of Raymond and David being totally different people who just can’t stay away from each other.

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Guest Post: “Constant Craving” by Amy Lane

Tart and Sweet Amy Lane

You know that moment I’m talking about.

The one where you have eaten nothing but non-fat protein and un-buttered broccoli for going on three days in a row, and suddenly you see it: That perfect combination of butter, refined sugar, white flour, candied fruit and/or marshmallow-swaddled chocolate—whipped cream and cinnamon optional, sin always required.

And you need to make it yours.

Oh… you need to make it yours. You will DAIEEEEEEE if it is not yours. You will mow down with prejudice the poor, well-meaning soul who stands between you and your Chocolate Mephistopheles and screams, “For the love of heaven, remember your diet!” and there will be blood, tears, and no remorse.

For the love of chicken and broccoli, how do you resist such a gut-ripping, life-blood-pumping, necessary to your sanity craving?

One of the most surprising bits of advice from Weight Watchers is… don’t.

That doesn’t mean eat Chocolate Mephistopheles all day every day (and if anyone can create a dessert that lives up to this name, I will eat it all day every day). It just means, on those days when your nearest and dearest are at risk if they intervene, get the Chocolate Mephistopheles—eat it.

Well, not the whole thing.

But, say, get your bestie, order your sin, and eat it with two spoons. Gather the family, take them to the patisserie, and split it four ways. Order it, cut it into eights, and stretch it out over two days.

There are a lot of ways to give into a little temptation without going up three sizes and running away from the gym in shame. Because the alternative?

Even the most controlled of martyrs has a snapping point. The person who fails to indulge in Chocolate Mephistopheles in a safe situation today is the person who goes face first and feral into the Cheesecake Azazel at two a.m. next week and washes it down with a diet coke and pomegranate juice to boot. (Anti-oxidants make up for everything, right?)

So indulgence is not a bad thing, really. In small quantities, it sort of makes us human.

Unless you’re talking about reading.

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: L.A. Witt’s HIATUS

Hiatus L.A. Witt

Fans of M/M Romance, we’ve got a  taste of something special just for you! We fell in love with this emotional little sneak peek into L.A. Witt’s Hiatus the minute we jumped in. And now? You get to too! (Congrats!)

I couldn’t decide if I should take off my wedding ring or leave it on.

Lying in a small, borderline shitty hotel off the interstate in Amarillo, waiting for Nate to text me, I turned the gold band over and over between my fingers.

Cam had stopped wearing his almost immediately. No one asked him questions if he showed up without it. His clients were used to him not wearing one—he never wore his ring or his watch while he was working.

I worked in one of those offices where people noticed. A coworker had come in without his wedding ring once, and the whispers had started flying before he’d even reached his desk. Turned out he’d smashed his hand on something over the weekend. He’d wisely removed the ring before his finger had swelled up too much. A week later, the ring was back on, and when he brought his wife to the Christmas party a few months later, people finally stopped speculating about trouble in paradise.

If I didn’t wear mine, people would notice. And I really, really didn’t want to talk about it.

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Q&A: J.L. Merrow of BLOW DOWN

Blow Down J.L. Merrow

You know what’s a great sign that we’ll love a book? When an author has great taste in pretty much everything even vaguely Romance related.

Okay, so we’re biased. But we second every single favorite of the brilliant J.L. Merrow, author of Blow Down.

Even Deadpool? Especially Deadpool.



What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

Now, this is a tough one as I’m more of a sci-fi/action movie gal. But here goes:

  1. Deadpool. The romance between ‘Pool and Vanessa is so touching: a real meeting of souls. His crazy matches her crazy. Morena Baccarin is drop-dead gorgeous, which never hurts—and get this: she is (unbelievably) 37 to Ryan Reynolds’ 39. How often do you see a leading man pushing forty paired with a lady only 2 years younger?
  2. The X-Men What do you mean, there’s no actual Professor X/Magneto romance?
  3. The Hobbit: the love story between Aidan Turner’s Kili and Evangeline Lilly’s Tauriel is so sweet and fraught with external conflict and tragedy. Poor loves. And great to see a height difference that goes against society’s norm when the guy is not insanely rich/powerful.
  4. Guy Richie’s Sherlock Holmes The subtext is very rapidly becoming the text!
  5. Hellboy. He’s a demon from the fires of damnation: she’s a pyrokinetic out of control. It’s a match made in Hell.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “That One Time at Camp” by Jenny Holiday

His Heart’s Revenge Jenny Holiday

Ah, summer camp. The idea of summer camp appeals to me so much. A break from school and parents. Stargazing, canoeing, idolizing the counselors, sharing secrets by the campfire while you promise to be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER AND EVER AMEN with your crew.

So when I got a chance to write a book that included some flashbacks to summer camp (and some modern-day camping, too), I jumped at it.

The only problem was that, like many things I tend to get excited about, there’s fantasy and then there’s reality.

I only went to camp once. It was the Girl Scout variety. I think it was the summer between second and third grade. My friend Kim and I packed up our sleeping bags and bug repellant and headed for the north woods.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “What does JCP stand for?” by Kasia Bacon

Although I grew up reading an eclectic mix of books, testing and sampling everything on the menu, mysteries and paranormal novels were always the ones to make my juices flow into overdrive.  I devoured them manically.  That fascination has stuck with me forever.

Within the M/M genre, my cravings for top grade whodunits are satisfied by Josh Lanyon’s outstanding prose.  In the paranormal department, there’s a whole solid crew, who regularly feed my habit – Astrid Amara, K.J. Charles, Ginn Hale, Lou Harper, Jordan L. Hawk, and Nicole Kimberling amongst others.  However, one author would get my vote, if she ever decided to run for the president of the M/M Paranormal Republic.

This author is Jordan Castillo Price.

JCP is a creative institution.  Recognised by a cool three-letter acronym, and preceded by the reputation of her awe-inspiring back catalogue, she is also a gifted artist.  I know – whoever said life was fair, was a mean bastard, lying through their teeth.  A pox on them.  And halitosis.

JCP is best known for her excellent series PsyCop.  It is, naturally, precisely my jam, as it fuses paranormal with mystery and suspense.  Nevertheless, for the purpose of this post I’ve chosen three other books from JCP’s impressive repertoire.  In my view, they perfectly illustrate the scope of the imagination involved in her writing and its first-rate quality.  While they could not possibly differ more from each other, they are all five star reads for me.  I recommend this diverse mini-selection for readers who are yet to take the plunge into JCP’s works, and fans of PsyCop who have never ventured beyond the world of Vic and Jacob.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Religion and Romance” by Lauren Gallagher

The Best Laid Plans Lauren Gallagher

Though religion doesn’t usually go hand in hand with erotic romance, the subject plays a big role in The Best Laid Plans, my newest ménage from Samhain Publishing. Gabe is a Christmas-and-Easter Catholic married to Shahid, a devout Muslim. Shahid’s religion is a core part of his life, and also a stumbling block in some areas—triggering tension with his in-laws, harassment from patients at the emergency room where he works as a nurse, and keeping him and Gabe from being approved for adoption.

I wouldn’t call The Best Laid Plans a religious romance, though. While Shahid’s religion plays a significant role in his life and in who he is, the story isn’t about his beliefs. They are what they are, just like Gabe’s Catholicism.
Religion is one of those divisive topics, like politics or the Kardashians, that’s generally not to be discussed in mixed company because a civil conversation can quickly explode into a heated argument. And in my early days as a romance author, I was strongly advised to keep religion out of my romances.

Naturally, I didn’t listen.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Strangers to Lovers” by Harper Fox

Cold Fusion Harper Fox

I’m Harper Fox, and today I’ll be talking about the strangers-to-lovers theme in my latest release from Samhain Publishing, Cold Fusion.

I come to the strangers-to-lovers trope from a specialised point of view. I need to convince my readers that it can happen like a thunderbolt, but I don’t need to start by convincing myself. I first saw the love of my life across a crowded university hallway, and before I’d even found out her name, I knew she was the one. We just celebrated our thirtieth anniversary, so that was a pretty good call.

I know I’ve been ridiculously fortunate, but that’s why I can approach a book like Cold Fusion with the belief that two people who are made for each other can overcome the obstacles between them and find their own ever-after. In a relatively short space of time, too – thirteen days, in Mallory and Vivian’s case. In fact the trope is almost enemies-to-lovers – Mal is brusque, impatient, tactless, and bursts in upon Viv’s controlled scientific world like a hurricane. He’s exactly the wrong type of guy for Viv, whose life is shaped by Asperger Syndrome, and who copes by setting rigid controls on his environment.

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