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Top 10 Vampire Movies for Halloween!

Thanks for having me back on the Ever After Blog!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Lisa Kessler and I write dark paranormal romances with tortured heroes and strong heroines. And OMG Halloween is my favorite time of year!

Right now, Night Walker, book 1 of my Night Series is on sale! This series features my version of vampire-like creatures called Night Walkers who are descended from the Mayans. Lots of danger and sexy men with accents. Yay!

So to celebrate, I thought I’d share my top 5 must-see Vampire Movies to help make your Halloween season spooky and sexy…. Ready?

#10 – Fright Night (remake) – Okay I LOVE the original Fright Night and I was worried when they announced they were remaking it, but props to Colin Farrell, I thought he was a super sexy and super badass vampire! And I loved that Chris Sarandon had a cameo too! Fun and worth seeing!

#9 – Van Helsing – This movie features Hugh Jackman with long hair so I was going to see it either way, but the Dracula in this movie was not only sexy and dangerous, he also had some tortuous backstory which I loved! Lots of action and some romance on the side too…. Plus it’s got all the classic monsters in one movie. Perfect for Halloween!

#8 – Dracula Dead and Loving It –  If you’re in the mood for campy fun and lots of laughs, you can’t go wrong with Mel Brooks and his version of Dracula! If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth watching and I guarantee you’ll laugh! 😀

#7 – Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles were responsible for my obsession with sexy men with fangs, and I loved that the plot of this movie stayed so true to the book. This was also a surprise because I didn’t think Tom Cruise could become Lestat, but in the end, I thought he actually nailed the Brat Prince…. Worth watching!

#6 – Hotel Transylvania – If you’ve got kids (or even if you don’t) this was an animated vampire movie with heart. I loved watching vampire Dad looking out for his vampire daughter. Worth seeing! (Sadly the next movie wasn’t nearly as good…. Ah well!)

#5 – Underworld – The original movie is still my favorite. Kate Beckinsdale was one of the most kickass vampires I’ve ever seen. LOVE it! If you’ve never seen this one, it’s worth watching, and just seeing the trailer makes me want to watch it again! LOL

#4 Dracula Untold – This movie took the Dracula myth and twisted into an AMAZING tortured hero story. Wow! It was SO good! Instantly in my top 5 vampire favorites of all time. If you missed it before, go stream it right now! ?

#3 Fright Night (original) – This one is still one of my all-time favorite vampire movies for a couple of reasons. It had a great gothic romance angle with Jerry Dandridge recognizing the reincarnation of his past love, a sexy dance sequence, and some incredible old-school monster make-up! If you’ve never seen it, I hope you’ll track it down on Amazon or Netflix. It’s SO worth seeing!

#2 – Dracula – Francis Ford Coppola brought Bram Stoker’s classic to life in a beautiful, dangerous, gothic and romantic tale. “I have traveled across oceans of time to find you…” Lots of amazing acting performances too. So worth watching!

#1 – Lost Boys – And my all-time favorite vampire flick is definitely The Lost Boys! It had just the right amount of scary and funny moments and OMG did Keifer Sutherland make an AMAZING bad boy vampire. So much fun!

I hope you enjoyed the list and maybe found a couple of new vampire movies to add to your Halloween watching line up! I hope you have a wonderful, spooky, and spectacular Halloween!

And if you’re interested in more scary flicks for the season, be sure to check out my Annual Halloween Movie Countdown on my author Facebook page: 


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