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Top 10 Vampire Movies for Halloween!

Thanks for having me back on the Ever After Blog!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Lisa Kessler and I write dark paranormal romances with tortured heroes and strong heroines. And OMG Halloween is my favorite time of year!

Right now, Night Walker, book 1 of my Night Series is on sale! This series features my version of vampire-like creatures called Night Walkers who are descended from the Mayans. Lots of danger and sexy men with accents. Yay!

So to celebrate, I thought I’d share my top 5 must-see Vampire Movies to help make your Halloween season spooky and sexy…. Ready?

#10 – Fright Night (remake) – Okay I LOVE the original Fright Night and I was worried when they announced they were remaking it, but props to Colin Farrell, I thought he was a super sexy and super badass vampire! And I loved that Chris Sarandon had a cameo too! Fun and worth seeing!

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Earning That Happily Ever After” by Lisa Kessler

Wolf Moon Lisa Kessler

Thanks for having me back on the EverAfter Romance blog! If we’ve never met, I write dark paranormal romance, and my devoted readers will tell you, I like my characters to earn their Happily Ever After.

What does that mean? One of my favorite parts of a romance is that big black moment. We’ve been building up to it the whole book. Will they or won’t they? Whatever they fear most, we’re going to face it. I yearn to see them grow into the people I know they can be. This is usually the moment in a book that can bring tears to your eyes.

My poor husband has found me sobbing in the kitchen more than once as I face having to write that scene. By the time I get there, I love my characters, and I don’t want to hurt them, but for me, it’s that huge moment when love really does cause a transformation. That’s when the happily ever after is only as delicious as that dark time is painful.

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