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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Kari Lynn Dell’s RECKLESS IN TEXAS

Reckless In Texas Kari Lynn Dell

Got the Monday fatigue? We’ve got just what you need (Nice. Didn’t even need to try rhyming!). Here’s a heart-pumping exclusive excerpt of Kari Lynn Dell‘s Reckless in Texas, out now!

Joe signed his name in savage, illegible slashes, passed the program back to the girl, then stepped down the fence into the shade of the bucking chutes to watch the last couple of bareback riders. A skinny guy from Waxahachie settled onto the back of a buckskin they’d named Thumper, for good reason. The stocky gelding pounded the ground like it had insulted his mama. That kid better be stronger than he looked, or this wasn’t going to end well.

The cowboy cocked his arm back and nodded. He spurred the hell out of Thumper clear to the end of the chute gate, then the horse jammed his front feet in the dirt and jacked the kid up onto the rigging. The next lunge whipped his shoulders back and his head slammed off Thumper’s butt. He went limp, knocked out cold. Joe sprang away from the chute, racing toward the middle of the arena as Violet and Cole spurred into action.

The cowboy’s body flopped off the side of the horse, his weight pinning his gloved hand in the rigging. Thumper dragged him by one arm, boneless, defenseless, the horse’s rear hooves crashing down around his legs. Violet rode hard to the horse’s left side while Cole came up on the right to flip the catch on the flank strap so the buckskin would stop kicking. They thundered around the end of the arena, three abreast. Violet made a lunging grab and got hold of the back strap of the cowboy’s chaps, hauling up hard to lift his body out of harm’s way. Thank God he was a scrawny little shit, Joe thought as he sprinted to meet them.

Cole bailed onto Thumper’s neck the way a steer wrestler would jump a steer. He buried his feet in the dirt, his arm locked around the buckskin’s nose, his mass and strength too much for even the stout gelding.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: NO ONE BUT YOU by Leigh Greenwood

No One But You Leigh Greenwood

Hard times call for desperate measures in this absolutely engrossing excerpt from No One But You by Leigh Greenwood, out July 5th, 2016!

“Mrs. Winborne is looking for someone to help her on her ranch,” Rose explained. “I told her you were the perfect man for the job.”

“Why me?” Salty asked, turning to George. “Are you dissatisfied with my work?”

“Of course not,” George said. “I’d hate to see you leave, but I wouldn’t want to do anything that would stand in your way.”

“Stand in the way of what?”

“Mrs. Winborne’s offer is a little out of the ordinary,” Rose said. “I’ll let her explain it. George, why don’t you take Jared into the kitchen? I made gingerbread which he might like. Then you can round up Zac and Tyler to help me with dinner.”

Salty would have been happy to look for George’s two youngest brothers himself, but it looked like there was no way out of this interview. He didn’t know whether it would be kinder to tell Mrs. Winborne right away that he wasn’t interested in leaving the Circle Seven, or allow her to explain her offer and then turn her down.

“I can tell you’re uncomfortable with being put on the spot,” Sarah said.

“A little,” Salty agreed.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: Nicole Helm’s Favorite Places to Write

Outlaw Cowboy Nicole Helm

When I sit down to write, I have to do it in my house. I would love to work outside on a nice day, or in coffee shops, libraries, museums—but I am far, far, far too distracted by people watching. So, because it produces the most words, home is my favorite place to sit down and write.

At home, there are two places I write that fulfill two different needs for me. I love them both for different reasons, and they both function in different ways. I’m not sure I could pick one place, because I write at random times, whenever I can squish in a few minutes, so even if I had a dedicated office room, I’m not sure I’d stay in one place.

But, I have two main places in my house that I go to work when I know I have to work.

We’ll call the first one: Fancy Pants Author Desk.

Writing Place PIc 1

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: RODEO SUMMER by Jillian Neal

Rodeo Summer Jillian Neal

We are so excited to bring you this little taste of Jillian Neal’s Rodeo Summer. This brilliant Contemporary Western is out right now!

When the doors opened on the upper floor, he stepped onto the plush carpeting and halted abruptly. What the hell? Rushing his steps, he headed towards Summer, seated on the floor with her head in her hands right outside Brant Preston’s hotel room.

“Summer?” He stood in front of her. She wasn’t escaping until she explained herself. “What the hell are you doing in front of Brant’s suite?”

She lifted those eyes that he swore held the secrets of the whole damn universe and stared at him. The wildfire he’d seen there before was gone. Pain and fear broadcast from every square inch of her beautiful body.

“Talk, darlin’. Because I’m trying to keep my cool, but if I’m about to find out that you just walked way over a mile in the dark from the hotel you had me leave you at with ten-dozen half-drunk assholes out and about in this tourist-trap town looking for something sweet to take a’holt of, I’m gonna have something to say about it. I thought you hated Brant.”

She swallowed, and he edged closer. Rubbing her hands over her eyes, she slumped and then returned her gaze to his. “I do hate Brant. I always did.”

“Then why are you looking to get in his room?”

“I’m not.” She stared up at him, narrowing her eyes defiantly. “I’m in front of Brant’s room … because my little boy is in there.”

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Autumn Thorns Yasmine Galenorn
Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Hero: Chase McKee from WILD AT HEART by T.J. Kline

wild at heart tj kline

Have I mentioned how much I love a friends to lover’s story? Well, I was lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy of the fourth book of the Healing Hart’s series, Wild at Heart. In it, we get to fall in love with Chase McKee and Bailey Hart. Bailey is the youngest cousin in the Hart family, and Chase is her older cousin, Justin’s friend. Although these two have always had feelings for each other, they have never admitted their attraction…but now, with Chase back in town and Bailey set to leave for L.A., he’s got to take a chance or lose the woman he loves without a fight.

Jensen Ackles

First of all, when T.J. Kline told me that her inspiration for Chase was Jensen Ackles, I was immediately sold on this book (plus, she’s my friend, so I always read her stuff. ;-)) But then Chase’s back story tugged at my heart and made me want to reach through the pages and give the guy a big old hug. Instead of following his father’s life plan, he enlisted in the military and became a MP. When he got out, he became a cop in Oakland and when he lost his partner, he moved back home to lick his wounds. The poor guy suffers from survivor’s guilt and blames himself for his partner’s death, which is enough to break my heart into a million pieces.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “Ready. Aim. Fire” by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Hustle Cynthia D'Alba

One of the first pieces of advice that new writers are given is write what you know. That’s all well and fine if you’re a medical professional and you’re planning to write medical romances or medical suspense. On the other hand, I’ve never killed anyone (except on paper!) and my house lacks a good haunting for a ghost story. However, if you want to know about dust bunnies and dog hair collections, I’m your gal!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: FOREVER AND ALWAYS by Leigh Greenwood

Forever and Always Leigh Greenwood

Leigh Greenwood’s newest release, Forever and Always, hits shelves today, and we’ve got a great excerpt for you to enjoy! Be sure and pick up your copy of Forever and Always today!

From USA Today Bestselling Author Leigh Greenwood comes a historical Western romance filled with gritty cowboy heroes, strong-willed heroines, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West.

He knows she can never be his…

Logan Holstock, oldest of three brothers orphaned on the Santa Fe Trail, has always been content knowing his brothers were alive and happy somewhere in the vast and brutal West—until he learns he may be dying. Certain he has little time left, Logan sets out to find them and end his days near a family he’s never known…and stumbles across a strong yet vulnerable widow who makes him yearn for what can never be his.

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