Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: Sawyer Hayes from Shelly Bell’s BLACK LISTED

The hero I will be introducing you to puts the sex in sexy, that’s for sure. If you haven’t pre-ordered Black Listed, it is the fourth novel in Shelly Bell’s Benediction series. Black Listed by Shelly Bell It is Erotic Romantic Suspense and it is definitely H-A-W-T! And so is our hero, Sawyer Hayes; billionaire, CEO, tech genius, alpha/dominant… drool

Don’t know what Benediction is? Well, it is a BDSM club and all of the books (from the White Collared serials to Black Listed) have several scenes take place in the club and all of the heroes and heroines meet and fall in love because they share a common interest; kink.

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But Black Listed focuses on the romance between Sawyer Hayes and his estranged wife, Lisa. Five years ago, Lisa and her con-artist family had targeted Sawyer for a con; Lisa was to make him fall in love and marry her, and then divorce him for half his money. But when she falls in love with Sawyer, the only way she can protect him from her wicked family is to leave him…until he tracks her down at a friend’s wedding, and offers her a deal. Seven passionate nights and he’ll give her the divorce she wants. Sounds easy enough…if they both weren’t still in love with each other. no love

Don’t listen to Jennifer Love Hewitt! There is too love, and Sawyer is one hunk of burning love. hubba His parents died when he was eighteen, casting a broken-hearted shadow on his youth and derailing his plans for MIT. Instead, he joined the army, where he met his best friends and when he finally came back to the states, took over his parents billion-dollar company. If the whole young, hot billionaire isn’t your bag, he is also a blond, brown eyed hottie with a ton of muscles and looks damn fine in a cop’s uniform…think a cross between Jax from SOA and Chris Hemsworth. charlie


Not impressed by his money or physical attributes?yawn Well, fine then, hang onto your pantyhose, because I am about to knock your swoony socks off!

• Despite the fact that Lisa betrayed him, Sawyer still loves her and is willing to give them another chance.
• He would die for her, and protect her with everything he has. jump
• He is a loyal friend, who is always there to lend a helping hand…or other parts of him. naughty
• Let’s just say that the man knows how to take control…mine
• I don’t care what anyone says, a super smart tech guy who knows his way around a computer is super sexy. nerd

Black Listed is available Tuesday, March 22nd from all major retailers, and to catch up on all of the amazing reads from Shelly Bell, visit her web page!

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