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Guest Post: Yasmine Galenorn on Returning to an Old Series

Night Shivers Yasmine Galenorn

Today we have Yasmine Galenorn talking about how it felt to return to her Indigo Court series for her latest novella, Night Shivers. We’re excited to have her and hope you’ll pick up a copy today! Be sure and leave a comment below for a chance to win a signed copy of Night Myst, the first book in the Indigo Court series!

When I finished writing NIGHT’S END, I really thought I was done with the series. I brought the Myst story arc to a finish, and added an epilogue so people wouldn’t feel like they were left hanging. The epilogue happened twenty-five years after the end of the story arc. For months now I’ve had people asking me for more—they want to read more about what happened to Cicely and the others. And each time I have said, “Sorry, I’m done with the story and I left it it a good ending.”

So imagine my surprise when a new idea for the Indigo Court world suddenly popped into my mind. I realized — now free from the story arc of the battle against Myst, and free to take the series in any direction I want — there are other stories I can tell. Stories that I probably couldn’t get published in traditional ways. So, I decided to write a novella set one year after the end of the last battle.

Well, that decision opened the floodgates, and the world came surging back into my mind. I remembered how much I loved writing the series. Although they were never the easiest books to write (I’ve often said that writing Cicely’s books was like walking through a mist shrouded forest. I had to write one step at a time so that I didn’t lose my way), the new idea flowed like a swift current.

Even though I had been away from the characters for a while, my subconscious remembered them. Except — and I’m very grateful for this — my mind had already moved to them ahead. They had evolved and it was easy to pick up a year after the battle against Myst.

Now, true—because of the epilogue, I know what will happen twenty-four years in the future. But there’s a lot of leeway during those years and after those years. And there are more stories I want to tell in this world, although I’m not sure when I will have the time.

But if people enjoy this novella and it’s received well, I will definitely make time to write more in Cicely’s world. Stepping back in to the Indigo Court realm offers me a chance to step back into a darker realm than either Fly By Night or Otherworld. In some senses, my new Whisper Hollow series is just as dark as Cicely’s world, although far less bloody. WH is intimately connected with the realm of death and has a macabre beauty to it, where the beauty in Cicely’s world is stark and harsh.

NIGHT SHIVERS begins a whole new story arc, one which I can easily see leading to full length novels. As to whether you can read it without reading the full series first? I think you can, although afterward you may just want to go back and read the rest of the books. But the novella does not rely on the story arc of the series to be understandable.

I was skeptical when I started writing it — unsure whether I really had more to say. I’m pleased to say I was surprised. I’m happy to be back in touch with Cicely’s world, happy to revisit the realm of Snow and Ice again. I love this world that I created — as stark as it can feel — and I hope you will, too. I’ve included an excerpt from NIGHT SHIVERS for you, and one commenter on this blog will win a signed copy of NIGHT MYST—the first Indigo Court novel.

An excerpt from Night Shivers:

My men hesitated at first, then began to back away. Then, as the galleon lurched into port, they turned to run. The ship drove itself against the edge of the floe. As the two forces met, the scream of wood against ice was excruciating. The ship shrieked, the wood splintering like toothpicks, as the ice—hundreds of meters deep—won the battle, driving like a wedge into the hull of the boat. The destruction echoed around us as the ship shuddered to a halt and then the water began to flow in through the holes in the hull.

My men sprang into action, racing across the ice as the boat began to flounder. Three of them—owl shifters—turned into owls and flew up to the deck, shifting back as they landed. It was easier and safer than scaling the ropes, which were swinging from the sides of the hull.

I watched, waiting. We had to get the Sidhe who were aboard safely off the ship. Some were Cambyra—the Shifting Fae. Others were the Sidhe of the Old World, but they were all our kinsmen. Fretting, I planned out what we would need. Blankets, food, medical care…but until I knew how many reserves we would need, all I could do is wait and hope that we got everyone off. That nobody would be dragged to the bottom as the ship slowly sank.

Yasmine GalenornNew York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy for Berkley: the Otherworld Series, and the upcoming Fly By Night Series and Whisper Hollow Series.  She will also be writing the Lily Bound Series for Diversion Books. She’s also known for her Indigo Court Series, her paranormal mysteries, and her nonfiction metaphysical books. She is the 2011 Career Achievement Award Winner in Urban Fantasy, given by RT Magazine. She lives in Kirkland WA with her husband Samwise and their cats. Sign up for her Newsletter so you don’t miss any updates! Find her on her Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, or her Facebook Group.

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  1. Jenni Rimbaugh

    I loved it! I also really loved Autumn Thorns. The first book in the WH series. I do think its on a darker plain then the other, I think I actually love it more then any others so far. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Jean Leonard

    I love Cicely’s world. Night Shivers was amazing. I stepped right back into the realm of snow and ice like there had never been a break. I look forward to joining Cicely in more adventures.

  3. Billie

    I haven’t read this series yet but now I will. I’ve read Yasmine’s Otherworld series and the new Autumn Thorns book and love them so it stands to reason I’ll love the Indigo Court series.

  4. Morgan

    Yasmine is such a massively brilliant writer. I’ve not read her Indigo Court series, but I adore her Otherworld saga. Yasmine’s writing has inspired me so much on my own journey as a would-be writer. Her way with words & her skill at characterisation have taught me a lot. She rocks my socks! 🙂

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