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Get Caught Up in the Wake Series by M. Mabie


Towards the end of last month Anchor, the final book in M. Mabie’s The Wake Series, was released and for many romance readers this moment was by far the highlight of 2015. The Wake Series is a series of contemporary romances that follow Casey, Blake and significant secondary characters, highlighting both the harsh realities and celebrated pleasures of life.

(Readers, please note, this series is not for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy questioning every thought, decision and judgement you have ever made, and if you are willing to push your own boundaries, then this series is for you, changing you in ways you never thought possible.)

This series is about flaws, imperfections, mistakes and heartache. Paired with determination, belief, persistence and perseverance, M. Mabie writes about Love. All encompassing, life changing and heartbreakingly beautiful LOVE.

Bait introduces us to Casey and Blake. If they had met in different times of their life, this meeting would have been perfect and faultless. Unfortunately timing isn’t in their favor and readers are drawn into a tumultuous journey of forbidden love that is imperfectly perfect.

“No one wanted to be the guy the girl regretted. I wanted to be the guy she couldn’t get enough of. The one she never forgot.”

As the book follows Casey and Blake on their turbulent, but ever so passionate journey, I’m torn. Between right and wrong, happiness and misery and just wanting the truth to be revealed because I can feel their happy ever after.

It’s within my reach.


A little Bit Closer.

Dammit it slipped!

“Casey: Our pain and our love are one and the same. I’ll wait for you. Probably, forever if that’s what it takes.


 Casey: Happy 2010. Goodbye.”

Sail is the next book in the series and all that is running through my head upon starting it, is why would you deny falling in love with someone who doesn’t judge your flaws? Your failures? Why are you telling your heart that it’s wrong? That the electricity coursing through your veins needs to be repressed and ignored? Love conquers all right? Deep Breaths.

Be together. Please be together…

“I’ll never let you wonder how perfect you are. Your perfect heart? It’s perfect for mine.”

Struggling with their own new personal battles, Casey and Blake as two individuals are battered and broken. Immersing myself in this story was painful. Empathizing with the shattered hearts and the endless tears had me desperately seeking some relief.

“I lie about how much you mean to me or how bad I miss you. I’m done pretending you’re not mine and I’m not yours. Because we are. We always have been. Our hearts just got there before the rest of us.”

As Sail comes to an end, a kaleidoscope of emotions are on display. Casey and Blake have so much to contend with and so many of their future choices are threatened and become unavailable. As the wants and needs of others seep into the story, Casey and Blake are given one last hurdle.

So readers, how are your emotions? I know all over the place. Right? But do not fear Anchor is here to save the day. Pop a bottle of champagne, rest your feet and indulge.

“Loving you forever would have happened whether I got to keep you or not.”

Mabie promised readers this book would make up for the copious amount of hearts that were ripped out of their chests whilst reading Bait and Sail. Luckily M. Mabie came through and Anchor is not only on a conclusion but it’s THE soothing balm needed to heal all wounds.

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is tangible and Casey and Blake show off all the fruits of their efforts. For all you romance junkies and happy ever after addicts, Anchor is for you!

Readers will witness a beautiful and an extremely memorable ending for Casey and Blake and this series. M. Mabie should take pride in what is an unrivaled conclusion to any book series.

So with a fulfilled heart and a serious case of separation anxiety, I thank M. Mabie for bringing Casey and Blake into our lives and sharing in her and their journey. It has been a blast!

For all you first timers, I’m vouching for this series. All three books, all fifteen stars – These books will have you Hook, Line and Sinker.

 “So, call it what you will. Divine intervention. Chemistry. God’s will. Casey Moore loves Blake Warren. And she loves him. Undisputedly. Unapologetically. Unconditionally. Untamed and completely.

V.Freeman from Beauté De Livres

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