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Get Caught Up in the Wake Series by M. Mabie


Towards the end of last month Anchor, the final book in M. Mabie’s The Wake Series, was released and for many romance readers this moment was by far the highlight of 2015. The Wake Series is a series of contemporary romances that follow Casey, Blake and significant secondary characters, highlighting both the harsh realities and celebrated pleasures of life.

(Readers, please note, this series is not for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy questioning every thought, decision and judgement you have ever made, and if you are willing to push your own boundaries, then this series is for you, changing you in ways you never thought possible.)

This series is about flaws, imperfections, mistakes and heartache. Paired with determination, belief, persistence and perseverance, M. Mabie writes about Love. All encompassing, life changing and heartbreakingly beautiful LOVE.

Bait introduces us to Casey and Blake. If they had met in different times of their life, this meeting would have been perfect and faultless. Unfortunately timing isn’t in their favor and readers are drawn into a tumultuous journey of forbidden love that is imperfectly perfect.

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