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Who’s the Best Boyfriend: Werewolf or Vampire?

I’m excited to be here on EverAfter Romance today. For all you paranormal readers, I invited two special guests—Mr. Werewolf and Lord Vampire—for some fun insight into what it’s like dating a supernatural.

Juliette turns to her guests on the sofa Thank you, gentlemen, for joining me today for this interview on EverAfter Romance. Inquiring minds want to know who would be the best boyfriend for the modern girl. If you don’t mind, let’s get right to it. First question. Where would you take a girl for a romantic first date?

Mr. Werewolf: I would take her somewhere private and intimate so I could devote attention only to her. Perhaps a woodland picnic by moonlight.

Lord Vampire: That’s also where a serial killer might take her.

Mr. Werewolf: You would know, blood-sucker.

Lord Vampire: chuckles

Juliette: Okay then, Lord Vampire. Where might you take a girl for a romantic date?

Lord Vampire: My castle, of course. For a quiet, candle-lit dinner surrounded by opulence and luxury befitting her. I would treat her like a queen.

Mr. Werewolf: Not every woman cares for your money.

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