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Guest Post: Paige Tyler’s Favorite Character From HER TRUE MATCH

Her True Match Paige Tyler

That’s easy. It’s Trevor Maxwell, the snarky, occasionally inappropriate coyote shifter whose been showing up in the X-OPS Series here and there.

Trevor was originally only going to have a bit part in Her True Match, even though his book is coming up next in the series. But then he got involved in checking out a possible hybrid research facility in Maine, and from there, things got a little bit out of hand.

Much of this had to do with the fact that the Department of Covert Operation (DCO) needed to get one of their agents into a psychiatric facility to see if there were some evil people up there trying to cook up a new batch of hybrids. The critical issue at hand here is that the DCO thought the best way to get someone deep inside the facility was if that person needed to be committed. When it came to finding someone who could pull off that role easily, it was Trevor.

Not too sure what that says about him.

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Guest Post: “10 Ways Lacey and Alex Celebrate the Holidays!” by Paige Tyler

Wolf Unleashed Paige Tyler

In my newest release Wolf Unleashed (SWAT Series), we get to see how Lacey Barton, veterinarian by occupation, heroine by nature, becomes The One true love for Dallas Police Department SWAT Officer—and werewolf—Alex Trevino. Their story will make you laugh, cry, sigh, and completely fall in love with them.

Now that Lacey and Alex are together, and she’s officially part of The Pack, here are ten things on their holiday to-do list!

  1. This will be Lacey and Alex’s first Christmas together, so they’ll spend the morning lazing around the apartment treating themselves to breakfast in bed, then exchange gifts.
  1. Later, they’ll head over to spend the day with the extended Pack family at the SWAT compound, along with their two dogs, Tuffie and Leo, for Christmas dinner. That means lots of food on the grill with some smokers and deep-fryers to boot. Werewolves eat a lot, so there are going to be enough turkey, burgers, hot dogs, and barbecue to feed an army.
  1. A party at the SWAT compound wouldn’t be a party without playing some volleyball. Alex and the other guys are going to need some exercise to burn off all those extra calories, right? Since it’s Christmas, it’s probably going to be cold outside, but something tells me the SWAT hunks will be taking their shirts off anyway.
  1. After the game, they’ll head inside to exchange presents with family and friends, which now includes the entire extended SWAT family. Because there are so many people, the gifts are typically small, but meaningful.
  1. While Lacey isn’t off from work and the veterinary clinic is closed for the holiday, after the party, she and Alex stop by to check on the animals to make sure they’re all doing okay.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: HER ROGUE ALPHA by Paige Tyler

Her Rogue Alpha Paige Tyler

Turning the mic over to the amazing Paige Tyler to introduce this action-packed excerpt of Her Alpha Rogue:

This excerpt is piece of an action-packed scene in the book where the hero, Jayson Harmon, a wounded Special Forces soldier, and his girlfriend, feline shifter and newest Department of Covert Operations agent, Layla Halliwell, have broken into the home of the dangerous man who has kidnapped a dozen young women in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Jayson and Layla don’t know exactly where inside the sprawling estate the girls are being held prisoner, so they have to depend on her keen sense of smell to find them. All the bad guys roaming around makes that tricky enough, but when Jayson and Layla finally get inside, they’re shocked to realize they have to rescue someone else as well.


As if on cue, an explosion from the front of the estate shook the ground beneath them and a big, red fireball rolled up through the night sky. Seconds later, the popping sound of small arms fire filled the air like someone was hosing down the front of the estate with a half- dozen machine guns.

Shit. If they blew this because he was too busy throwing a pity party for himself to stay focused on the mission, he was going to be pissed.

“Go!” Jayson urged.

Trusting the teens’ distraction would get everyone’s attention turned the other way, Layla took off running for the back of the house, Jayson at her side. Dropping to one knee, he put his back to the rough stone and cupped his hands in front of him. He tensed, knowing it was going to hurt, but doing it anyway. Layla read his mind, launching herself at him, her booted foot thumping into his outstretched hands on the fly. He shoved up at the same time she jumped, propelling her to the top of the wall.

She stretched out on her stomach, then threw one of her legs over the top and reached down with her free hand. Jayson didn’t know how the hell a woman her size could hold his weight even if she was a shifter, but he leaped up and grabbed her outstretched hand anyway. The moment their palms clapped together, she gripped tightly, pulling him up as he kicked with his legs. Considering they hadn’t practiced this particular move, they executed it amazingly smoothly, and within a few seconds, they were both dropping down to the far side of the high wall and were inside the estate.

Jayson pulled the AK-7 4 off his back as Layla drew her pistol. He waited while she tested the air inside the compound with her nose and ears to make sure there weren’t any guards hanging around back there.

After a moment, Layla gave him the all- clear signal.

“Let’s head for the main section of the house, then hope that you pick up Anya’s scent from there,” Jayson said.

Layla nodded and took point. Jayson followed her across the property as she tried to stay in the deep shadows as much as possible. They moved fast but carefully, too. It wouldn’t do Anya or anyone any good if they ran into a group of armed guards.

As they ran past a big swimming pool artfully surrounded by raised flower beds made of stacked stone and shaped concrete, Jayson had a hard time not gawking.

The place looked more like something you’d see on a private island getaway in the Mediterranean than an estate in Ukraine.

He followed Layla around the loungers and outdoor bar as she led the way to the large french doors that led into the main house. Jayson expected the gunfire from the front of the house to start to taper off—surely there couldn’t have been that many rounds of ammunition in the trunk of a car—but as he and Layla reached the heavy glass doors, the sound of weapons fire actually got heavier.

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Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt: Paige Tyler on her Favorite Scene from TO LOVE A WOLF

To Love a Wolf Paige Tyler

What was your favorite scene to write for To Love a Wolf and why?

This is a seriously tough question since every scene in the book tells a critical part of the story, and without any of them the book would fall apart. But all that being said, if pressed, I’d have to say that it’s the opening scene of the book—the entire prologue really—which has a special place in my heart.

To understand why, you need to know two things.

One, my hubby and I write together. When you read those intense action sequences—or the parts where the SWAT team is bonding over a moment that most women would consider pure insanity—you need to understand that those scenes are his influence into the joint work.

Two, you need to know that my husband spent twenty-one years in Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), better known as the bomb squad. Before I even go one step further, he wants me to point out that he’d never been asked to do anything even close to what occurs in the beginning of To Love a Wolf—thank God! But he did know many men and woman who were asked to take The Long Walk—manually approaching a suspect package known as an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). And some of them never came back from that Walk.

Because of this and his connection to these people that he knew so well, he refused to even consider putting an EOD guy in any of the books we wrote for nearly ten years. It just never seemed right to him, and he couldn’t bring himself to even start the story.

But with Cooper’s story I think he finally got to a place where he felt it was okay to go back and think about people whose names are now listed on a memorial wall at the Joint Service EOD School.

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Guest Post

Guest Post: “What qualities must every member of the X-OPS team possess?” by Paige Tyler

Her Fierce Warrior Paige Tyler

Some qualities are obvious. For example, agents in the Department of Covert Operations have to be well-trained to handle the tense, dangerous situations the DCO is always getting itself into. It probably helps if they’re courageous, physically fit, and tactically proficient (i.e., they can shoot straight and make good decisions under stress).

But of course, there’s more to it than that. Typically, these agents work in a team of anywhere from two to five people, usually with at least one shifter. They have to be able to work and function in a team environment. That means they have to be able to trust each other with their lives. That takes a certain kind of person, and if you have an issue working with shifters (humans who possess certain animal DNA that allows them to exhibit some of that animal’s traits and capabilities) then maybe you need to move on and do another job. DCO teams are the ultimate example of diversity in action. They blend people based on their abilities without regard to how different the people are. Color, gender, breed…none of it matters. Can you work together and do the job?

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