Swoon-Worthy Heroes

Swoon-Worthy Heroes: Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

So, right about now, people are probably wondering…why Daryl? And why #TWD ? He’s not in a romantic relationship, although there are hardcore #shippers who imagine #Caryl riding off on Daryl’s motorcycle into the walker free horizon. Carol and Darylon the cycle I’ll admit, some of my favorite “AW” moments involve these too, but even without Carol, Daryl would be totally Swoon-Worthy. It’s the way he interacts with the whole group, from Season Two on, that makes Daryl a guy to fall for. shhh

Not a Walking Dead fan? That’s okay, let me catch you up.

 The Walking Dead is a television show on AMC based off of the black and white comic by the same name. The Walking Dead ShowThe Walking Dead Comic It follows a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse led by Rick Grimes, a former sheriff’s deputy. rick Every season, the group loses and gains new people, but from the third episode, Daryl has been a part of the group (even though he wasn’t even in the comics.) Daryl started off as a bit of a redneck, racist jerk, but underneath that was a caring, sensitive guy who had never been allowed to let that side show. Oh, and he can sure kick some butt, living or zombie. daryl angry

I know what you’re thinking…what the hell is sexy about zombies?

Nothing, they’re disgusting, but this man…who spends hours searching for a little girl he barely knows, whose loyalty to people who sometimes don’t deserve it is boundless, and who’s heart break will make you ball like a baby, is well worth watching this show for. daryl cry

A little back ground on this guy and for those of you who don’t watch. Beware of Spoilers. spoiler alert When we meet Daryl in season one, he is angry and volatile. He has a hard time getting along with people (although not as much as his brother, Merle.)The sweet oneBut as the group grows closer, Daryl and Rick form a bond of trust. Rick begins to rely on Daryl’s expertise in tracking, and realizes that Daryl is a misunderstood guy who has never had the chance to really be himself. sophiaon you In season two, you really get a glimpse of the man Daryl is when Carol’s daughter, Sophia, goes missing. can't leaveshe'll be fine He is the only one, besides Rick and Carol, who doesn’t give up. And when they find her, and she’s been zombified, the way he holds Carol as she cries…Daryl holding carol From there, he begins being the savior of their group in season three, bringing in other lost people to the prison where they’ve started to rebuild, making him a favorite among the group and a hero. i liked you firstmy hero Both Daryl and Carol leave the group for a time, separately, but while Daryl comes back, Carol stays gone.

After the fall of the prison in season four, Daryl protects Beth, until she’d kidnapped. Losing Beth was the hardest point in the series for Daryl and you could watch him react violently to her death, and then right after, breaking down. beth After that, Daryl hardens a bit until the beginning of season five when Carol returns. carol returnspicking up The difference between the Daryl from season one and this moment are so clear, that the viewer will squeal and cry at this reunion. When the group settles in Alexandria, a safe zone filled with fancy homes and weak citizens, Daryl has a hard time finding a place to belong until Aaron and his husband befriend him, understanding the feeling of being different. *dinner Aaron asks Daryl to go out with him to recruit new people, because Daryl can tell “a good person from a bad person.” Alexandria allows Daryl to let his guard down and start caring about other people again, until season six…

Well, I think that’s enough catching you up, don’t you? Let’s get to some swooning! fainting I’ve already told you a lot about Daryl and some of his qualities, but here are the highlights.

  • Daryl is totally zen. zen Okay, so maybe not, but he isn’t afraid to get in touch with his emotions, whether they are anger, joy, or sadness, Daryl feels them all.
  • Daryl will speak his mind, no matter who he might piss off. sunshine
  • When he gets embarrassed, he actually blushes and it is too adorable for words. wanna screw around stopcute
  • When he holds Judith and calls her “little asskicker”…little asskicker too precious
  • Daryl brings out the strength in those around him, and he doesn’t even know it. family

 The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 7pm, and you can catch up with the first five seasons on Netflix. It’s not that scary…really. scare (1)

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