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I shouldn’t even have to explain why we’re so excited for this one. It is impossible not to devour a Terry Spear book. Between the dazzling shifters, intense romance, and high stakes action everywhere, we end up taking books like Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing everywhere we go. So, yeah, we’re pretty excited about this Q&A! And you should be too!



What are your five favorite movies with romance or romantic elements?

  1. Romancing the Stone—I loved that she was a romance author and was boohooing after the end of the book where she, as the heroine, is kissing the hunky hero. And then she ends up in the jungle with a very unlikely hero, who’s not heroic at all.
  2. The Princess Bride—he loved her no matter how the princess treated him, and was the Dread Pirate Roberts, in a hilarious way. They were so cute together.
  3. Prince of Persia—such an unlikely pairing with the thief boy and the princess, and the oh-so-close kisses that were driving me crazy. Loved it.
  4. Edge of Tomorrow—he’s soooo arrogant, and when he has to repeat his mission over and over until he gets it right, he falls in love with the woman who won’t open her heart to him.
  5. Oblivion—he thinks he’s married, wants something more than what he’s got in this futuristic world—a love of the past and he continues to have memories of a woman he loves.

Describe your favorite scene from each one (you can include a Youtube clip if you want as well).

  1. Romancing the Stone—where Joan Wilder bowls the bad guys over when the hero is going to take care of this, but the leader of the rebels reads Joan’s romance novels and so she’s got it well in hand.
  2. The Princess Bride—he always tells her, “As you wish,” and as they’re rolling down the hill, fleeing from the bad guys, he says that, and she realizes it’s the man who has always loved her.
  3. Prince of Persia—So many times she double crosses him and he double crosses her. They were so fun together, and they finally, finally had that kiss.
  4. Edge of Tomorrow—when she was training him to fight the aliens, and if he was injured, she had to kill him so they could restart the clock and start over again. He’s crawling away from her saying he’s fine. Not.
  5. Oblivion—he rescues the woman he loves from a pod, knows he knows her from the past, and gets into trouble with his “wife.” But that deep love he has for his real life transcends all time.


Did you have any of these scenes in mind when writing scenes from your latest release?

Yes! The women are all spunky, doers, fighters, and the men are too. But they also are adventurous, humorous, and fun. I love the twists and turns, and the love they share with their male counterpart. All my stories show these kinds of heroes and heroines.



If you could only read five books for the rest of your life, what five books would they be, and why?

The Last of the Mohicans by Cooper, it inspired me to read all kinds of Native American tales and folktales from all over the world.

Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London—which inspired my love of wolves from an early age.

Dracula and Wolfman, because they made me want the vampires and werewolves to find their happily ever after and forever influenced me in my writing about paranormal beings—that they’re not all good or evil, just like humans aren’t, and that they all deserve to be loved.


Who are your book boyfriends? (list a maximum of five) What do you like about them? What characteristics do they share with the hero from your latest release?

Quantico—Ryan has taken a bullet twice for Alex. How romantic is that? Any man that risks his life to protect the heroine has to be all right in my book. Even when he’s not sure if she’s the good guy or not? He’s got secrets too, which causes contention between them. In Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, Jade has secrets too, and Rafe has to choose: learn her secrets and deal with it, or toss her to the curb. He’s way too intrigued to get rid of the fascinating she-wolf and is bound and determined to get to the root of her story. Despite the reason she’d come into his life, he isn’t going to be deterred from keeping her in his life.


Oblivion—No matter what is going on with the hero’s life, he can’t quit dreaming about a woman he loves. When she amazingly crashes to earth in a pod and he recognizes her, the mystery unwinds, and no matter what is going on in his life now, he can’t forsake her. He has to know about their past, and what he wants for their future—against all odds.

In Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, Rafe has to do the same if he’s to protect the mystery woman and find a way to get to know the real Jade and take it from there. He’s not giving up on her for anything.


Prince of Persia—the hero wants the sands of time to change the past events and right a wrong that gets his adoptive family killed and puts him at the center of the crime. The princess must protect the sands of time at all costs or the world could end. In Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, Rafe sets out to protect his family from hers, but he fully intends to protect Jade as well from her whole family. He will do everything in his power to protect those he loves.


Everyone has a favorite couple (an “OTP” in ‘shipping terms) in romance, whether in a romance book, movie, or television series. Who is your favorite couple, and why?

I loved Castle—he’s a mystery author, she’s a homicide detective. I loved how he’d come up with reasons for the murder, work bets with her co-workers, the whole cast was really fun and I loved the burgeoning romance between them. It was funny, he would come up with hair-brained ideas to explain the motive for the murders, and she would roll her eyes, while her co-workers were considering that maybe a vampire did run among them, or some other far-out scenario.



What was the first romance novel you read? What do you remember about it?

I was thirteen and my girlfriend had a sister who was ten years older than us working as a librarian. She would sneak them to me. I remember bouncing boobs. Lol


What did you like most about it?

At that time, they were the wildest thing I’d ever read. I read mysteries, true stories, paranormal stories. I’d never read stories about sex.


Have you ever reread it? If you did, how do you feel about it now?

No. Too much new stuff to read and I tend to read historical romance the most, not contemporary. And I would imagine it would seem really out of date today. But who knows?



Spock or Kirk?

Spock is cute, but Kirk is the lady’s man.


Sunrise or sunset?

Both are beautiful and special.


Angst or humor?

Humor, hands down.


Tea or coffee?

Green Tea or Lavender.


Wine or beer?

Champagne or Margaritas.


Cake or pie?

Chocolate bars, but Haviland thin mints are the best.


Scruff, beard, or clean-shaven?

Clean shaven, nothing worse than wearing someone else’s mustache after kissing, or having scratches on my cheek.


Blue-collar or white collar?

White collar.


Jeans or a suit?



Car or motorcycle?


Terry Spear PhotoUSA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world and is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

Terry can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and TerrySpear.com.

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