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Guest Post: Rebecca Grace Allen’s 10 Reasons Why Lawyers Make Great Doms

His Contract Rebecca Grace Allen

In romance, businessmen have a reputation for being some of the yummiest heroes out there. They’re smart, powerful, and look damn good in a suit. Lawyers check all those boxes, and take the smoking-hot-hero level to explosive when you add in their passion for the law. So what makes a lawyer an excellent Dominant? Here’s my top ten reasons why: (For pics-pirational purposes, I’ve added images of Harvey Specter from the TV show Suits.)

1. Lawyers have confidence.

Capable attorneys radiate a sense of command that puts his or her clients at ease. It’s not just from the cut of their clothing or the dollar amounts in their paychecks—a good lawyer must make countless decisions during a trial, decisions where someone’s future hangs in the balance, and he or she must know they have the stuff to win (check my site to know more). That kind of self-assurance in a Dom’s hands? fans self


2. They’ve got mad skills.

A well-trained lawyer is observant especially the auto accident attorneys. It’s a trait essential in a Dominant, who must carefully monitor his or her submissive during a scene. Lawyers also have excellent communication skills. This is handy for a Dom, who must express what he or she prefers, and learn what the submissive desires.


3. They thrive on the thrill of the challenge.

A good attorney will eagerly take on a complex case, focusing on every detail until the job is done. A Dom who is a lawyer will be as focused with his or her sub.

hot lawyer4. They know the ropes.

Lawyers have experience in their chosen field. They’ve done their research, and had tons of practice. A dominant who’s a lawyer will ‘know the ropes’, and in more ways than one!

5. They know a thing or two about trust.

A good lawyer solemnly upholds attorney-client privilege, and works to build a good partnership. A Dom who’s a lawyer does the same. He or she understands the intense vulnerability felt by a submissive, and will thrive on the gift of that trust.

hot lawyer 26. Litigation requires creativity.

Lawyer need to think on their toes during a trial. That kind of imagination is excellent when coming up with scenes.

7. Ethics. They’ve got ‘em.

Attorneys must take an oath that they will uphold the Constitution, and always keep to their word. The same is true with his or her submissive. They will stick to any promises made, and do everything possible to keep their sub safe from harm.

 8. They’re familiar with obedience.

Lawyers must obey the law, and a Dom who’s a lawyer will expect obedience from his or her sub as well. They’re also familiar with sentencing, and will know when discipline must be administered. That being said, they won’t punish without due cause.

hot lawyer 3

9. They have good judgment.

Lawyers must use their judgment when choosing the best course of action for their clients. He or she will do the same with a submissive, helping with decisions or stopping a scene if the submissive is unable to safe out on their own.

10. They know how to talk (dirty).

Competent litigators are very talented at persuasion. They must artfully talk a judge or jury into thinking in favor of their client, the same way a Dom will be able to seduce consent from a submissive.

hot lawyer 4

But if all that weren’t hot enough, our Dominant/widower hero in His Contract takes things a step further. Jack went from practicing the law to teaching it. So what makes a professor of law even hotter (and a better Dom) than a lawyer?

1. They’re tough.

Law professors set their standards high, and believe that their students will not only meet, but exceed them. A law professor who’s a Dom will have the same expectations for his or her sub, and the same confidence.

2. They’re excited by ideas.

Successful legal scholars seek to become masters of the law, and are always searching for new lessons and new ways of doing things. Put that thirst for knowledge into a Dom’s hands, and he or she will always be finding ways to bring his or her submissive unimaginable pleasure in bed.

3. They’ll make you hot for teacher.

A good law professor knows when subject matter isn’t reaching his or her students. The same is true with a Dom. In His Contract, Lilly struggles with the idea of being called a slut—it’s a word from her past that brings back painful memories. Jack teachers her how that word can change…depending on who’s saying it.

Lawyers know when to play by the rules…and when to break them.

Harvard law professor Jack Archer once balanced his professional life with the private world of dominance, surrender, and trust he shared with his wife. Since cancer stole her a year ago, finding love again—her final wish for him—is the furthest thing from his mind. From his empty house to the classroom, grief follows his every move. Until he meets a young woman with shadows in her eyes even darker than his own.

Once a shining star at law school, Lilly Sterling’s dreams died when the Dom she trusted left her heartbroken and lost. She’s starting fresh in a new city as a paralegal, but meeting Jack reawakens all her old demons—and her lingering desires.

Jack offers to become Lilly’s mentor for both the courtroom and the playroom, but tells himself it’s not a relationship. Their carefully worded contract guarantees that. But when their trial agreement starts heating up, both Jack and Lilly must decide what will tip the scales: the letter of the law…or love?

Warning: All rise for a book that contains a wounded submissive and a Dominant who wants to retrain her while retaining control of his heart. Discovery phase may involve spankings, bondage, edging, and blindfolds. Is it hot? You be the judge.

Rebecca Grace Allen writes kinky new adult and hot contemporary BDSM romance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Literary Comparison, as well as a Master of Science in Elementary Education, both of which seemed like good ideas at the time. After stumbling through careers in entertainment, publishing, law and teaching, she’s returned to her first love: writing. A self-admitted caffeine addict and gym rat, she currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, two parakeets, and a cat with a very unusual foot fetish. Rebecca can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and

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