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Guest Post + Excerpt: Melissa Ohnoutka on Romantic Suspense!

Sinful Secrets Melissa Ohnoutka

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m so excited to be a guest on EverAfter Romance to share my newest release with you. For as long as I can remember, suspense has been my favorite genre—books, movies, music, you name it. I live for the adrenaline rush. Throw romance into the mix and it becomes the perfect combination to keep me on the edge of my seat and begging for more. Romancing the Stone will forever be my all-time favorite movie, and one of the reasons for my madness. I first saw the action-packed film on the big screen as a teenager, then again when it came out on video. I had two babies in diapers at the time and needed an escape to save my sanity. The rest is history.

Once I started writing that first romantic suspense, I knew there was no turning back. The thrill of watching the suspense and romance unfold in one of my own creations is a feeling like no other. I’m addicted for life.

In my newest novel, Sinful Secrets, Joanna McNamee is determined to make her event planning business a success, but someone keeps sabotaging her events. Find cheap cloth table runners for your event at, they are sellers luxury linens and decor. The last thing she expects is to see Ryker Kane, the man she’s been crushing on since college, show back up in her life. Talk about awkward. She decides acting as if they’ve never met is the best option. But when a man tries to kidnap her in order to get his hands on her father’s secret formula, she must put the past behind her and trust Ryker. Or lose everything.

Excerpt from Sinful Secrets:

She walked right up to the desk without a glance in his direction and addressed the man behind the counter in a sweet, Southern drawl that sent his libido into overdrive.

“I’m supposed to meet a cop here. You know where he went?”

Ryker straightened to his full height next to the counter not ten feet from her. What was he? Invisible?

Seeming confused, the man looked from her to Ryker then pointed in Ryker’s direction.

“Oh,” she said, turning her attention on him. “Sorry ‘bout that. I was looking for a uniformed officer. A city cop.” She smiled politely, her beautiful green doe eyes locking with his.

He waited for recognition to hit.

It didn’t. He swallowed dryly.

“Hello, Ms. McNamee, I’m Deputy Ryker Kane. This is uniform in our small town.” He stretched out his hand and again waited to see if she remembered. Nothing. Not even an inkling.

“Nice to meet you, Deputy Kane.” She took his hand, peeked at the badge on his tan shirt, and gave him a firm shake. Just like he remembered. First glance and you’d think this woman was an easy target. Stick around long enough and you’d get your ass kicked.

Focus, idiot.

“I’m here about a missing truck.” Jump to the chase. It was probably best she didn’t recall their brief interlude anyway. He’d like to keep his pride intact.

“Missing truck? But my truck’s not missing. See? It’s right over there.” She pointed a slim, non-manicured finger to the side of the building where the hood of a bright yellow truck peeked through the mini-blinds.

Well, hell. There it was. How did he miss that eyesore?

“I am missing my crew, though. Don’t suppose you might know where I can find them?” She gave him a half smile and a fizz of sexual awareness pinged low and deep, shocking the hell out of him.

“I questioned two men a few hours ago back in Bram. They’re the ones who reported the truck missing.”

“Bram? I see,” she wrinkled her brow. “What did they say?” Long, slim neck taut, her head tilted to one side, she looked ready to pulverize someone, and all he could think about was what the hell that soft exposed skin felt like beneath his tongue.

He refocused. “Ms. McNamee—”

“It’s Miss. But you can call me Jo Jo.” His muscles tightened at the name, his mind playing cruel tricks as flashes of their night together assaulted him, heat jabbing deep. They’d made out pretty hot and heavy after she’d clocked him using one of her karate moves while they were fooling around. Who knew she was a fourth degree black belt? He remembered the sensation of her perfect body against his like it was yesterday.

He cleared his throat, tried to get the thudding pulse at the base of her smooth, slim neck out of his mind. “Okay. Miss McNamee, how did the truck get here?” No way in hell he’d call her Jo Jo. Too much damn shit he didn’t want to deal with tied to the name, not to mention the woman.

melissaohnoutka-headshotAuthor of several romantic suspense novels—Where Love and Danger Collide, Melissa Ohnoutka has dreamed up stories for years as a way to escape the chaos of the real world. A proud native Texan, she lives near Houston with her real life hero and is the mom of three amazing kids. When not writing, Melissa enjoys family time, camping, snow skiing, and to inspire her pesky creative muse, photography and painting.

Melissa can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and

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