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Deal Alert: Samantha Harte’s CACTUS ROSE & HER OUTLAW HEART

Would it even be Read a Romance Month without great Historical Romance? We’re celebrating with two Historical treats from the ever-brilliant Samantha Harte! Get Cactus Rose and Her Outlaw Heart for only $0.99 this weekend!

Cactus Rose by Samantha Harte

In the heat of the southwest, desire is the kindling for two lost souls—and the flame of passion threatens to consume them both.

Rosie Saladay needs to get married—fast. The young widow needs help to protect her late husband’s ranch, but no decent woman can live alone with a hired hand. With the wealthy Wesley Morris making a play for her land, Rosie needs a husband or she risks losing everything. So she hangs a sign at the local saloon: “Husband wanted. Apply inside. No conjugal rights.”

Delmar Grant is a sucker for a damsel in distress, and even with Rosie’s restrictions on “boots under her bed” stated firmly in black and white, something about the lovely widow’s plea leaves him unable to turn away her proposal of marriage.

Though neither planned on falling in love, passion ignites between the unlikely couple. But their buried secrets—and enemies with both greed and a grudge—threaten to tear them apart. They’ll discover this marriage of convenience may cost them more than they could have ever bargained for.

Her Outlaw Heart by Samantha Harte

Can he tame her outlaw heart?

Wyoming Territory, 1879. Corbet Harlow believes in the law above all else. As the local marshal, he’s been trying to rid his territory of criminals for his entire career. But when he takes young Jodee McQue into custody, he is rendered helpless by the beauty and spunk of this pretty outlaw.

Jodee is the daughter of a notorious outlaw, but she wasn’t participating in the shootout that landed her in jail—she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And now the attractive marshal thinks she is a thief. Bewildered, and falling hard for the handsome lawman, Jodee is determined to prove to Corbet that she’s honest and good. But soon the sole survivor of her father’s gang arrives in town, and he wants to drag Jodee back to the outlaw life… forever.

“Whether she’s fighting outlaws or deceitful widows, readers will cheer for the heroine in this fast-paced, sweet romance. Throw a true-blue hero and interesting secondary characters into the mix and you have a compelling page-turner.”—RT BOOK REVIEWS

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