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Deal Alert: Lizbeth Selvig, Rose Lerner, Saranna DeWylde and more!

Today’s first deal alert offers books by Lizbeth Selvig, Rose Lerner, and an anthology with Saranna DeWylde and many great authors! Grab them before it’s too late!

The Bride Wore Denim by Lizbeth Selvig
When Harper Lee Crockett returns home to Paradise Ranch, Wyoming, the last thing she expects is to fall head-over-heels in lust for Cole, childhood neighbor and her older sister’s long-time boyfriend. The spirited and artistic Crockett sister has finally learned to resist her craziest impulses, but this latest trip home and Cole’s rough-and-tough appeal might be too much for her fading self-control.

Cole Wainwright has long been fascinated by the sister who’s always stood out from the crowd. His relationship with Amelia, the eldest Crockett sister, isn’t as perfect as it seems, and with Harper back in town, he sees everything he’s been missing. Cole knows they have no future together—he’s tied to the land and she’s created a successful life in the big city—but neither of them can escape their growing attraction or inconvenient feelings.

As Harper struggles to come to grips with new family responsibilities and her forbidden feelings for Cole, she must decide whether to listen to her head or to give her heart what it wants.

Sweet Disorder by Rose Lerner

Political intrigue could leave his heart the last one standing…alone. 

Lively St. Lemeston, Book 1Nick Dymond enjoyed the rough-and-tumble military life until a bullet to the leg sent him home to his emotionally distant, politically obsessed family. For months, he’s lived alone with his depression, blockaded in his lodgings.

But with his younger brother desperate to win the local election, Nick has a new set of marching orders: dust off the legendary family charm and maneuver the beautiful Phoebe Sparks into a politically advantageous marriage.

One marriage was enough for Phoebe. Under her town’s by-laws, though, she owns a vote that only a husband can cast. Much as she would love to simply ignore the unappetizing matrimonial candidate pushed at her by the handsome earl’s son, she can’t. Her teenage sister is pregnant, and Phoebe’s last-ditch defense against her sister’s ruin is her vote–and her hand.

Nick and Phoebe soon realize the only match their hearts will accept is the one society will not allow. But as election intrigue turns dark, they’ll have to cast the cruelest vote of all: loyalty…or love.

Warning: Contains elections, confections, and a number of erections.

 Rise of the Northmen by Saranna DeWylde, Mark Henry, Annice Sands, Paul Goat Allen, and Alyssa Breck

Fathoms by Mark Henry

In Fathoms, a widow on a quest to uncover the truth about her husband’s mysterious death makes a darkly erotic deal for a promise of eternal happiness…but at what price?

Savage Want by Annice Sands

Caught between two worlds, Elena is torn on what she expects her future to hold, until fate and consequence reveals all.

Wildflower in Snøw by Paul Goat Allen

A subtle fusion of erotic romance, mythic fantasy, and apocalyptic fiction, Wildflower in Snøw chronicles a chieftain’s wife’s intimate journey of sexual and spiritual self-discovery as her settlement struggles to survive in a brutal and foreign land.

Mark of the Raven by Alyssa Breck

Kára and Gram’s dreams are shattered when Kára is taken by the gods to serve her true calling as a Valkyrie and Gram is left behind. After Kára learns that Gram has been marked for death by the raven, she wagers a deal with the gods that could reunite the two lovers or doom them both forever.

The Wolf Who Swallowed the Sun by Saranna DeWylde

Aphrodite Jackson’s job is to keep the bad things in cages, but when something from a nightmare rises from the dark—a single bite wakes the beast in her and will unleash the apocalypse unless one man can put aside his love for her to stop it.

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