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Cover Reveal: IN LOVING MEMORY by Winona Kent

Get hyped, because we are! We’re thrilled to host the cover reveal to Winona Kent’s In Loving Memory, out July 26, 2016!

And we’re not the only ones excited, because who could resist a little mystery, time travel, and love all wrapped up in a Winona Kent bow? Not even the experts: In Loving Memory PW

Here’s Winona on the new cover:

“I love everything about In Loving Memory’s new cover!

The story begins in modern-day England but my two main characters, Charlie and Mr. Deeley, are accidentally transported back to London in World War Two. The cover is very evocative of the Blitz – the muted, smoky reds, the barrage balloons in the sky, the very heart of London – the Houses of Parliament and the Thames River – under attack.
In 1940, Charlie and Mr. Deeley face a horrendous obstacle to their romance – the knowledge that, due to an anomaly in time, Charlie may in fact be Mr. Deeley’s great-granddaughter.

Add to this a race against time to save Mr. Deeley’s son and Charlie’s grandmother from a serial killer who has timejumped from 1850 into the middle of their lives.
I love the little depiction of Charlie and Mr. Deeley in the top corner – or is it Charlie’s grandmother and Mr. Deeley’s son?
And of course I’m very proud of the endorsement from Publisher’s Weekly – so exciting!

But before we get to the cover, here’s the scoop on the book itself:

In Winona Kent’s novel Persistence of Memory, Charlie Lowe, a young widow in Stoneford, England, was accidentally transported back to 1825, where she fell in love with Shaun Deeley, a groom employed at Stoneford Manor. They are only back in the present for seemingly a breath before a piece of wartime shrapnel sends them tumbling back through time to 1940, the height of the Blitz. There, they discover pieces of Charlie’s past that counter everything she thought she knew about herself.

Charlie and Shaun have decisions to make—do they interfere in time’s progress to save a man? Do they put their own future at risk by doing nothing? And how much time do these two lovers have left?

Alright, enough teasing. Without further ado, here’s the absolutely dreamy cover to In Loving Memory!


In Loving Memory Winona Kent


Winona Kent was born in London, England. She immigrated to Canada with her parents at age 3, and grew up in Saskatchewan, where she received her B.A. in English from the University of Regina. After settling in Vancouver, she graduated from UBC with an MFA in Creative Writing. More recently, she received her diploma in Writing for Screen and TV from Vancouver Film School. Winona has been a temporary secretary, a travel agent and the Managing Editor of a literary magazine. After a career that’s included freelance articles, long and short fiction, screenplays and TV scripts, Winona has now returned to her first love — novels. She currently lives in Vancouver and works as a Graduate Programs Assistant at the University of British Columbia. Visit her online at

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